Ascribed to Jan de Beer (about 1475 – before 1528)

Joseph and the Suitors (recto), The Nativity (verso) This panel is painted on both sides and it formed part of an altarpiece or a screen illustrating the life of the Virgin Mary. She is shown in a nocturnal scene adoring the infant Christ. Two shepherds approach through the door to the right, and Joseph with … Read more

Circle of Anthonis Mor van Dashorst (about 1516/19 – 1575/76)

Portrait of an Unknown Ecclesiastic Probably Antwerp, 1540s Oil on wood 66.3 x 51 cm The sitter in this fine portrait is identified as a member of the senior clergy by his costume: the rochet with narrow pleats and fur almuce on his left arm indicate he may have been a prelate or bishop. The … Read more