‘Degenerate’ Art

German Expressionist Prints from the Barber’s Collection A society fractured by conflict – and poised on the brink of further social unrest – is depicted with brutal honesty in these striking early 20th-century prints by celebrated artists including Max Beckmann, George Grosz and Egon Schiele. Complementing Rebel Visions, this display also explored the changing social … Read more

The Naked & The Nude

Works on Paper from the Barber’s Collection The naked body has inspired some of the greatest works of art, and the study of it was long regarded as vital to demonstrate artistic mastery in representing both the ideal and the everyday. Intended to add context to Zoffany’s fascinating painting, A Life Class, currently on loan … Read more

Rebel Visions

The War Art of CRW Nevinson The powerful art and contradictory personality of British war artist Richard Nevinson will be explored in this ground breaking exhibition – the centrepiece of our autumn programme. Famous for his dramatic, often haunting images of the battlefield and its soldiers, Nevinson’s arresting paintings, drawing, prints and posters also acknowledged … Read more