Drawing in the Dark

Barber Home – online workshop As we draw closer to the shortest day of the year, find comfort in the dark and harness its power as a tool for contemplation. Close your eyes, take a breath and join artist and Student Engagement Coordinator Kirsty Clarke for a relaxing and introspective drawing workshop, asking how we … Read more

Marguerite Gérard (1761 – 1837)

The Reader In the privacy of her tastefully uncluttered home, a young woman intently reads a book. Her delicately ringleted head cranes towards the pages, slightly disturbing her otherwise impeccably upright figure, which sports a fashionable late-18th-century empire waistline. A cat is settled on her lap, while her son stands listlessly at her side. This … Read more

Barber Concerts Poster Archive

Ranging over a decade, here is one poster from each year between 2001/2 – 2010/11, with concerts of performances by London Winds to Floriegelium – enjoy! 2001/2 – Florilegium on 1 May 2002 2002/3 – James Ehnes (violin) and Eduard Laurel (piano) on 30 October 2002 2003/4 – Early Opera Company on 31 October 2003 … Read more

Concert Programmes 1945/46

The Barber’s first concert season Here you can view a selection of concerts programmes from our first concert season in 1945/46, including reviews by Birmingham Post of our first concert on 5 November 1945. This concert season was opened by the Philharmonia Quartet with the programme of works: String Quartet in F major by Maurice … Read more

Celebrating 75 years Introduction

A welcome introduction by Professor Andrew Kirkman to this month’s Barber Concerts 75th celebrations: For the full selection of memories, archival material, photographs, and performances to celebrate Barber Concerts 75th Anniversary visit our main Barber Concerts at 75 page.