Stefano della Bella (1610-1664)

Procession of the Feast of Corpus Christi outside the Palais Royal, Paris, 12 June 1648 Île-de-France, Paris, 1648 336 x 478 mm Crowds descend upon the Palais Royal for the Feast of Corpus Christi. The elaborately decorated pavilion and altar are flanked by huge tapestries of the apostles. The dowager Queen Anne and nine-year-old Louis … Read more

Sheng Tzu-Chao (active 1310-1360)

Mountainous Landscape Chinese, late Yuan to early Ming Dynasty Brush and ink on silk 1468 x 610 mm This depicts one of the favourite subjects of Chinese landscape art – a view of hills surmounted by clumps of trees, whcih rise beyond to a distant mountain range wreathed in mist. With delicate, calligraphic strokes of … Read more

John Leech (1817-1864)

A Bracing Day at the Seaside British Watercolour over pencil 252 x 350 mm A family group struggle against the wind to walk along Scarborough Pier, whilst large waves break behind them. Leech’s characterisation of the holiday spirit is demonstrated by the ecstatic children in the foreground, the grimacing female guiding them, and the striding … Read more

John Brett (1831-1902)

Study of Warwick Castle (‘The White Waterlily’) Warwick, 1860 Watercolour on paper 254 x 355 mm Early on in his career, John Brett, the leading Pre-Raphaelite landscape artist, visited the West Midlands where he produced this view of Warwick Castle. This watercolour study is, along with an early sketch, the only record of a now … Read more

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778)

The Grand Piazza, Plate IV from ‘The Prisons (Carceri)’ Rome, 1773 Etching with engraving 545 x 416 mm Piranesi’s set of architectural fantasies, ‘The Prisons’, were first published in 1745, but he extensively reworked the plates before reusing them in the 1760s. This transformed the architectural, stage-like designs into a dramatic world of gloom and … Read more

Giovanni Migliara (1785-1837)

An Architectural Capriccio 1829 Pencil and watercolour 180 x 234 mm Migliara was a scenery painter who turned to small-scale works after 1810, owing to illness. His precise, jewel-like technique and theatrical settings found much favour with patrons in his native Milan and further afield. His works are extremely rare in Britain. As the title … Read more

Jan (Johan) Sadeler I, after Paul Bril (about 1554-1626)

Landscape with Rabbit Hunt Rome, after 1595 Etching and engraving 270 x 343 mm Multiple groups of hunters and dogs bound through the landscape in pursuit of birds and beasts. The rickety fences, meandering paths and natural disarray of the forest contrast with the neat town in the background. Sadeler uses strong contrast in tone … Read more

Pierre Drevet (1663-1738), after Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659-1763)

Portrait of Robert de Cotte Paris, 1722 Engraving on laid paper 566 x 390 mm This print reproduces Hyacinthe Rigaud’s portrait of Robert de Cotte (1656-1735), one of the most significant French architects of his time. Cotte is portrayed as a self-assured figure, dressed in richly embroidered fabrics that indicate his wealth. He is shown … Read more

Jean Louis André Théodore Géricault (1791-1824)

The Flemish Farrier France, 1821 Lithograph 290 x 390 mm A rural working horse dominates this cramped and hot interior. A farrier with rolled-up sleeves and disheveled clothing works on the horse’s hoof, highlighted by bright white steam. This print formed part of Géricault’s publication The English Series – Various Subjects Drawn From Life. By … Read more