Student Events: Winter 2022

Upcoming events Find our student events programme below – open to all students, no art experience needed. January Watch this space for our UoBe Festival 2022 events. February Tuesday 1 February, 1.15 – 2pm – Drop in and Draw (free) March Tuesday 1 March, 1.15 – 2pm – Drop in and Draw (free) Wednesday 9 … Read more

The Last of England is a first for the Barber

Visitors this New Year will be greeted by three of the greatest paintings from the collection usually on display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. The trio of internationally significant masterpieces have been lent by Birmingham Museums Trust for a two-year period to the Barber – where they will hang among our own collection. The … Read more

Founding the Barber Institute

An arts centre ahead of its time  ‘… the wish that we might build, equip and endow, and present to the University, such building or buildings, as would create a neuclus [sic] for an Art Museum or Gallery, and so form an Art Centre for the University’ – Lady Barber, October 1932 ‘Portrait of Lady … Read more

Beyond Representation

Redefining Perception in the 20th Century International artists of the 20th century constructed new perceptions of the world during a time of intense and turbulent change – from huge technological and scientific advancements, to political revolutions and two world wars. These seismic shifts, coinciding with the rise in popularity of photography, called into question the … Read more