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Student Programme

The Barber is proud to sit within the University of Birmingham campus. Find out about the student events, workshops and collaborative projects we run below.

Upcoming Events:

There are currently no scheduled student events.

Student Collaborations

College of Medical and Dental Sciences - Reclaiming Narratives

An ongoing creative project between the Barber and University of Birmingham Medical Science students and staff that explores and celebrates the hidden voices and histories behind the College of Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS).

Reclaiming: The Report (2023)

MDS students! Joined poet Adrian B. Earle and artist Kirsty Clarke for a series of creative workshops to make their own micro-form protest poems and visual artworks in response to the recent Disabled Students’ Commission Report.

Disabled students at the University want to speak out and be heard!

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Reclaiming: The Portrait (2022)

Students joined award-winning artist and photographer Marley Starskey Butler for a three-part portraiture workshop to capture and celebrate the lives and stories around the school, reflecting on the portraits on display around the college.

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Reclaiming: The Foxglove (2021)

Students and staff from MDS joined forces with the Barber to explore herbalism's forgotten voices and tales through a series of creative workshops.

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Student Worskhop - Print Club

Barber Print Club 2023

A hands-on monthly printmaking workshop with local artist Laura Onions.

Laura guided students through the skills needed to create their own beautiful, printed artwork inspired by the Barbers collection.


The Barber Write-in Residency with writer and poet Adrian B. Earle

Students joined Birmingham-based writer and poet Adrian B. Earle for a series of workshops to ‘reimagine’ the Barber through ekphrastic writing and blackout poetry. They weaved wonders from the gallery walls, using creative writing to reimagine the space, the art, and its narratives.

This event took place in 2022.

For family event on 13 July

The Dangerous Novel: Printmaking with artist Laura Onions

To celebrate International Women’s Day, students joined artist Laura Onions for a printmaking workshop that revelled in the power of ‘the novel’, inspired by the Barber’s painting, The Reader, 1817, by Marguerite Gérard.

This event took place in March 2022.


Queering the Collection X CineQ with Dr Greg Salter

CineQ, a Birmingham-based queer film festival, held an evening of short films in response to the Barber’s Alexander the Great painting by the Master of the Griselda Legend, c.1494, examining notions of power, masculinity, and gender expression.

Lecturer in History of Art, Dr Gregory Salter, introduced the evening with a queer reading of the work.

This event took place in July 2021.

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Protest Poetry Writing Workshop with poet, writer and activist Bethany Slinn

Students joined writer and spoken word artist Bethany Slinn for a protest poetry writing workshop inspired by Joan Miró’s stencil print, Help Spain (Aidez L’Espagne) created in 1937.

We examined the power of the written word and reflected on the right to peaceful protest.

This event took place in May 2021.

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Kaajel promo instastory

Here Comes the Sun with artist and performer Kaajel Patel

Inspired by André Derain’s drawing La Chute de Phaëton (The Fall of Phaeton) 1905, students joined artist Kaajel Patel for an uplifting experimental dance workshop, exploring the energy of the drawn line and the power of the sun.

This event took place in March 2021.

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