Reclaiming Narratives: The Portrait

A Photography Workshop Series with Artist Marley Starskey Butler

Right now is the history of tomorrow!

What do the portraits around the College of Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS) say about who and what is considered important in your place of study? Who should be portrayed and placed in the University of Birmingham archives? And whose faces are missing from the college walls?

Students joined award-winning artist and photographer Marley Starskey Butler for a three-part portraiture workshop designed especially for MDS students. The series explored ways of documenting their college ‘right now’ through photography.

Students worked wonders with Marley to capture and celebrate ‘hidden’ lives, voices, and stories of the college of MDS. Across three sessions, they used photography to create a collective photo-zine that will plays with, probes, and questions the role of the portrait, making their own addition to the University of Birmingham archives.

We look forward to sharing this work, please look back here for updates.

About the artist

Marley Starskey Butler makes visual, audio, and written works. His work is about opposites, parallels, memory, love, loss, mortality, and the politics of belonging within self and in society. His concurrent practice as a Social Worker keeps him tied to the lives, stories, and experiences of the most vulnerable and complex members of society, whilst being a jigsaw piece in ensuring children in care have the best futures possible.

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