Reclaiming Narratives


February – March 2023

At the College of Medical and Dental Sciences (MDS), exclusively for MDS students.

Students joined the MDS College’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team and the Barber Institute of Fine Arts for a three-part creative workshop inspired by the recent Disabled Students’ Commission Report.

In 2022, the Birmingham Guild of Students published the Disabled Students’ Commission Report, which included sobering findings about the lives and learning experiences of disabled students at the University. The report calls for urgent intervention to ensure all students have a fair chance to achieve their potential. Disabled students at the University want to speak out and be heard!

Over three creative sessions, students worked with local writer and poet Adrian Earle and artist facilitator Kirsty Clarke to break down the report and examine the power of its words. They created create micro-form protest poems and visual artworks for display around the school, to highlight the stories behind the data and illustrate the report’s impact and findings.

More info to follow soon.

Adrian B. Earle is a Writer, Poet, and Media Maker from Birmingham, Performing and Producing under the name ThinkWriteFly. Author of 5000HURTS (Burning Eye Books, 2019) his Collection We are Always & Forever Ending (Broken Sleep 2021) was a National Poetry Day Choice for 2021, he makes sounds for the Poetry Archive & Overhear.

Kirsty Clarke is an artist and programme coordinator based in Birmingham, UK. Recent projects include Reclaiming Narratives, The Barber Institute, Birmingham (2020-2023), The Growing Project, Grand Union, Birmingham (2019 -2022) and Ways of Learning, Baltic 39, Newcastle (2019).