Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770)

Zephyrus and Flora Venice, about 1750 Pen, brown wash and black chalk on paper 23.9 x 33 cm Tiepelo made this drawing as a study for the principal figures in the ceiling fresco he painted for the Room of Mirrors in the Palazzo Labia in Venice. He also produced a small oil sketch of the … Read more

ascribed to Pietro Antonio Novelli (1729-1804)

A Music Party Venice, about 1750 Pen and brown wash over black chalk 25 x 37.3 cm This small scale domestic scene, known as a conservation piece, was characteristic of mid 18th century art. In this example from Venice, the music party takes place during the annual carnival – the figure to the left wears … Read more

Paolo Caliari, called Veronese (1528 – 1588)

The Visitation Venice, about 1577 Oil on canvas 277.5 x 156 cm The Virgin, in the centre, greets her elderly cousin Elizabeth with news of the impending birth of Christ.  After a long barren life, Elizabeth is also miraculously pregnant, with John the Baptist.  Veronese locates the meeting in front of a palace.  The observers … Read more


The Loggetta, Venice Venice, the 1730s Oil on canvas 45.5 x 75.4 cm The Loggetta (1537-40), at the base of the campanile, or bell tower, in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, was built as a small assembly room.  Canaletto’s painting was cut down at an unknown date, perhaps so that it could fit over a … Read more