The Collection

The Barber Institute contains one of the finest small collections of European art in the UK. The works have been purchased to fit Lady Barber’s criteria that everything should be of ‘that standard of quality required by the National Gallery or Wallace Collection’. Careful consideration has also been given to making sure that the works … Read more


The life and passions of Lady Barber Who was Lady Martha Constance Hattie Barber? And what inspired her generous bequest to the University of Birmingham? Find out in this exhibition focusing on Lady Barber’s life, that of her husband, Sir Henry, their house at Culham Court and its remarkable gardens and collections. A significant part … Read more


JACQUELINE LAWRENCE Lady Barber’s personal lace collection is the starting point for mixed-media textile artist Jacqueline Lawrence’s series of sensitively observed works. For hundreds of years, lace has provided a decorative aspect to things of practical use. This function- as well as lace’s intricate detail and imaginative design- have fascinated Lawrence, who has also sought … Read more