The Age of Innocence

Stolen gingerbread, spirited laughter, serenely slumbering infants and poised young girls provide some colourful contrasts in this exploration of the evolving imagery of children and childhood.  Curated to complement Flinck in Focus, this display includes stylistically diverse prints and drawings selected from the Barber’s collection – from tranquil religious prints of the 17th century to … Read more

John Brett (1831 – 1902)

Kennack Sands Cornwall, 1876 Oil on board 18 x 36 cm This work is typical of Brett’s small ‘on the spot’ oil sketches. He was in Cornwall in the summer of 1876, finding inspiration on the Lizard peninsula. This sketch was taken from the western end of Kennack Sands, looking east towards the distant Pedn Boar … Read more