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The Barber coin collection is now searchable online! You can now search over 11,000 items in the coin collection online at The chart below shows the percentage of the collection currently available online by category, listed by volume of coins online. Click here for a guide to getting the most from your search: Guidance … Read more

Late Roman

Coins from between the end of the house of Constantine – with the death of Julian in 363 – and the reforms of Anastasius I (491-518) are, in the Barber’s collection, considered as a separate and ‘Late Roman’. The century sees the continued shift from the importance of the silver to the gold coinage, the … Read more

Roman Empire

Coins from the demise of Marc Antony in 31 BC, leaving Octavian as sole military dictator (imperator) and later acclaimed as Augustus (by which name he is better known), are counted as Roman imperial, rather than republican. This is the case for all Roman issues until the reforms of Anastasius I (491-518), however, the Barber’s … Read more

The “Empire” of Trebizond

For images of the coins mentioned below, see the gallery to the right of this page. As Anatolia became increasingly under Turkish rule during the eleventh century, the city of Trebizond (modern Trabzon in the North East of modern Turkey) and its environs became like a Byzantine islet, albeit a rebellious one. Initially under the domination … Read more

The Emperor’s New Nose

In 695, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian II, son of Constantine IV (668-685), grandson of Constans II (641-668), great grandson of Constantine III (641) and great great grandson of the dynasty’s founder, Herakleios (610-641), was violently deposed. To prevent him returning to power, his tongue was slit, his nose cut off, and he was then exiled … Read more

New to Numismatics?

‘Numismatics – not money in your pocket, spotting the 1869 penny or the 1953 sixpence – it is the story of civilised society who finds it difficult to do without, in order to give work for bread or sugar etc. It can be beautiful if one wants it and if one is prepared to pay … Read more