New to Numismatics?

‘Numismatics – not money in your pocket, spotting the 1869 penny or the 1953 sixpence – it is the story of civilised society who finds it difficult to do without, in order to give work for bread or sugar etc. It can be beautiful if one wants it and if one is prepared to pay … Read more

History of the Coin Collection

In 1967 the Trustees supplemented the Barber’s magnificent works of art by acquiring over 15,000 coins from Philip Whitting and Geoffrey Haines, two distinguished collectors and numismatists. Philip Whitting had taught at the University of Birmingham (where he now has the main Byzantine Studies seminar room named after him) and so decided to donate his … Read more


If you would like to visit the collection after the lifting of most COVID-19 restrictions in England, please note the following alterations to historic arrangements: As the Coin Study Room is a small, windowless space, we regret that room capacity has been limited to one person. Because of this, we are now only able to … Read more