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An exciting new project for young people aged 16-21. The Barber Collective meets twice a month to interpret the Barber Institute’s collection artistically, working with contemporary artists, dancers, designers and musicians to create their own work, exhibitions and content.

The group is for the young people to build their own identity each year, with regular sessions feeding back to the peer panel and co-ordinators about what they would like to get out of the group and their experience at The Barber Institute and how they wish to shape their group identity. Each year the Barber Institute will recruit young people, through it’s network and outreach activities, and invite them to form The Barber Collective, each cohort runs from autumn to summer with a small exhibition at the Barber Institute in the spring. This opportunity allows the group to meet other creative and culturally engaged young people, learn new interpretive, technical and discursive skills that can contribute to a portfolio.

Peer Panel

To help keep the group current and encouraged peer learning, five peer panel member volunteers are recruited to support the program, the young people and act as advocates for the group. The Peer Panel gain support from the learning & engagement team to build their experience in arts education, research, marketing and delivery with regular one to one careers session and advice. This opportunity is open for applications in October and runs until the end of the summer term.


During the autumn term the learning team have some availability to conduct school and college visits to deliver taster workshops/ presentations to students about the collective. If you are a teacher and feel your class would be interested in The Barber Collective. Please do get in touch.

The Barber Collective runs twice a month on Wednesdays 5-7pm, is FREE and open to young people aged 16-21.

Barber Collective sessions for 2019 are on the following dates:



Peer panel applications are open from the end of the University’s Summer Term through to the first week of October. Please contact for more information.


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