Hannah Honeywill

The intricately ornamented and gilded historic picture frames that surround so many of the paintings in the Barber’s galleries are the starting point for this new sculpture by Hannah Honeywill.

An emerging London-based artist and recipient of prestigious Wellcome Trust Arts Award funding, Honeywill combines the exploration of the function and form of everyday items with research into queer theory. After exhibiting in New Art West Midlands 2016, she was selected to produce a work in response to the Barber’s collection- Tumbleweed is the exciting result.

24 February - 4 June 2017

Installation in the Beige Gallery

Drawing Workshop

Saturday 6 May, 11am – 4pm

Start with Drawing

Hannah Honeywill, artist

Free, booking essential – contact 0121 414 2261 or education@barber.org.uk

For more information, click here

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