Online Talks: Series Three

Series three

Enjoy an in-depth insight into the Barber’s stunning collection through this programme of mini art podcasts.

Discussions include past and present displays, small groups of related works, an aspect of the member of staff’s own research, or single masterpieces and recent acquisitions.

Episode 4: 

Women on Coins, with Maria Vrij, Coin Curator.

Listen or read the transcript and view further images:

Episode 3:

Simone Martini: radiance and invention in 14th-century Italy, with Becca Randle, Learning and Engagement Coordinator.

Listen or read the transcript – and view the Barber’s replica of the original triptych by Martini:


Episode 2: 

Art that Defies Ageism, with Jon Sleigh, Arts Educator.

Listen or read the transcript and view further images:


Episode 1: 

Rosalba Carriera: A Journey through a Pastel Portrait, with Helen Cobby, Assistant Curator.

Listen or read the transcript:

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Music composed and performed by Jack Davies especially for these mini podcasts.

Please bear with us regarding any varying audio quality – we are recording from home.

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