Untitled Study

London, 1964

Graphite on paper

373 x 300 mm

Due to licencing rules, the Barber is currently unable to reproduce images of this work for our website. If you wish to view this work, you can make an appointment to see it in the Prints and Drawings Study Room.

Jaray’s untitled studies seemingly offer no solid point of entry to the visual world. The forms appear at once shallow and infinite, shifting between foreground and background. While our eyes and mind may desperately search for something tangible – an underlying ‘objectness’ or sense of three-dimensionality – our gaze is ultimately left to wander the ambiguous geography of space. Jaray’s elusive shapes hold the invisible void before us, contained and suspended, and ask: how do you see yourself within space?

Gift of Karsten Schubert, London, 2019 (No. 2019.3)


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