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Sights of Wonder is an online exhibition of photographs by Francis Bedford (1815-1894) taken during a royal tour to the Eastern Mediterranean in 1862. Curated by Art History and Curating MA students at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with Royal Collection Trust and the Barber Institute, the exhibition launched on 12 June 2020.

These online resource packs support the Sights of Wonder exhibition by offering activities, prompts and further information on the history of the British Empire and colonialism for both children and adults.

Victorians in Egypt

Designed for children ages 9-14 years and supports Key Stage 2 and 3 History curriculum. Skills: looking, reading, talking, thinking and writing.

Learn about Egypt, the Victorians and empires through the lens of the prince’s 1862 tour.

Ways of Seeing – a Post-colonial toolkit

Designed for adults but suitable for young people too.

Use this toolkit to go back and view the exhibition through the lens of Post-colonial theory.

Discover more

Visit the exhibition site for more at-home activities, talks, an interactive map, and to meet the curators behind the show.

Header: Francis Bedford, ‘The Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and two lesser Pyramids, Ghizeh, Egypt’ (1862). Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2020.

Online Exhibition

Visit Sights of Wonder online.