John Raphael Smith (1752-1812)

Dr Richard Robinson, D. D.



510 x 357 mm

This print was made after the painting by Reynolds, which is also in the Barber’s collection. The Englishman Richard Robinson (1709-1794) was made Archbishop of Armagh in 1765, so when this portrait was painted he was Primate of Ireland. He is dressed in the appropriate clerical garb of the day: wig, hat, dark-grey coat, and black waistband over an ‘apron’. The portrait was commissioned to hang at Robinson’s newly-built house, Rokeby Hall in County Louth. It is one of four versions and is a replica of a work exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1775.  It was at this annual exhibition that Reynolds established his reputation as the leading portraitist of the day.

Purchased 1947 (No.47.10)

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