Gaspard Dughet, called Gaspard Poussin (1615-1675)

A Classical Landscape with Figures Rome, about 1672/5 Oil on canvas 36.8 x 47 cm Dughet’s classical scenes are different in mood from those of his teacher Nicolas Poussin and the other major Roman landscape painter of the period, Claude Lorrain. He studied in the countryside around Tivoli, producing landscapes just as carefully structured as … Read more

Govert Flinck (1615 – 1660)

A Portrait of a Boy Amsterdam, 1640 Oil on canvas 73.3 x 91.8 cm This engaging portrait possibly shows David Leeuw who would have been about eight years old in 1640.  He was related to the artist and was the son of a wealthy businessman and art collector.  The full-length pose and the boy’s fashionable … Read more

Domenico Fetti (about 1588/9-1623)

The Blind Leading the Blind Probably Mantua, about 1621/2 Oil on wood 60.7 x 44.2 cm Fetti illustrated many of Christ’s parables, creating a new type of small-scale religious genre painting.  Here, three peasants, one with an extinguished lamp, foolishly follow their blind leader into a ditch, illustrating Christ’s warning to His disciples.  The group … Read more

Jan van de Cappelle (about 1625 – 1679)

Boats on the River Waal Amsterdam, the 1650s Oil on canvas 71 x 63.5 cm This landscape shows a ferry, as well as fishing and trading vessels, on the choppy waters of the River Waal in southern Holland.  The church tower of Gorinchem is to the left, with Loevestein Castle on the opposite bank. The … Read more

Pieter Brueghel the Younger (1564/5 – about 1638)

Two Peasants Binding Faggots Antwerp, about 1620 Oil on wood 36.2 x 27.3 cm Peasants binding a bundle of branches for firewood were often painted as one of winter’s labours.  The precise subject here is unknown, although it is clearly critical in tone.  The peasants, with their accomplice in the distance, look around suspiciously – … Read more

Abraham van Calraet (1642 – 1722)

Horses and Cattle in a Landscape Dordrecht, the later 1600s Oil on wood 36 x 53.3 cm A carefully-posed group of horses, cattle and a sleeping dog occupy a river landscape.  A passing peasant talks with a herdsman.  Calraet’s animal scenes, often with subtle evening effects, are closely based on the work of Aelbert Cuyp … Read more

Bartholomeus Breenbergh (1598-1657)

Joseph Distributing Corn in Egypt Amsterdam, 1655 Oil on canvas 110.5 x 90 cm Joseph, at the top right, oversees the sale of corn during a time of famine.  According to the Old Testament, Joseph had stored the fruits of seven bountiful years and the people of Egypt, watched by the Pharoah, to the upper … Read more


Saint Catherine of Alexandria Naples, the end of the 1640s Oil on canvas 71.7 x 59 cm Saint Catherine holds the martyr’s palm on top of part of her spiked wheel.  She was sentenced to be crushed on the wheel by the Emperor Maxentius because she had condemned the worship of pagan idols.  According to … Read more


Rebecca Led by the Servant of Abraham Rome, about 1650 Oil on canvas 150 x 194.5 cm Rebecca is shown  on horseback, making the journey to meet her future husband Isaac. She turns to address Abraham’s servant, who, according to the Old Testament, was guided by God to find Isaac a wife. The composition involves … Read more

VALERIO CASTELLO (1624 – 1659)

The Madonna and Child, with Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Appearing to Saint Bruno in a Vision Genoa, about 1650 Oil on canvas 118 x 145.5 cm Saint Bruno (about 1030 – 1101) is shown in the white habit of the Carthusian monks whose order he founded. In his vision he sees the Virgin and … Read more

Evaristo Baschenis (1617-1677)

A Still Life with Musical Instruments Bergamo, North Italy, about 1660 Oil on canvas 95.5 x 129 cm A dramatically-lit group of objects demonstrates the artist’s mastery of illusion. Note the dust on the lute, to the right, and the sumptuous folds of the curtain above. The painting is an example of a Vanitas, a … Read more