Buried Treasures

Uncovering Hoards

Buried treasure – and the excitement of discovering it – lies at the heart of this fascinating exhibition exploring coin hoards.

The Barber Institute’s collection contains coins from no fewer than 48 hoards, of which eight will be uncovered here. These include two caches unearthed in Britain: the Dorchester Hoard (pictured right), dug up during building work at the town’s Marks and Spencer; and the Appleford Hoard, unearthed by a farmer ploughing his field one new year’s eve.

Telling the stories of their deposition and their discovery, the exhibition will open a mysterious doorway into Roman, Byzantine and Turkman worlds. It will prompt some intriguing questions: Who buried them and why? Who found them and how? What can these discoveries tell us about people who lived centuries ago? And what can we do as modern people to preserve this heritage?

Until 26 February 2017

Coin Gallery

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Wednesdays, 1.10 – 2pm

FREE, no booking required


Introducing Buried Treasures 

11 May

Maria Vrij, Coin Curator



The Marriage of History and Science

Testing the Purity of Byzantine Gold Coinage

18 May

Dr Jonathan Jarrett, University of Leeds



Viking Hoards that Changed History

From Watlington to the Vale of York

25 May

Dr Gareth Williams, The British Museum



Hoards of the Later 3rd Century from Britain

Why are there so many?

1 June

Prof Roger Bland, University of Leicester



Introduction to Buried Treasures

Tuesday 10 May, 1.10pm

Maria Vrij, Coin Curator




Third Sunday of the Month

18 September; 16 October & 20 November, 2.30pm

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