Attributed to Pieter Fransz. de Grebber (about 1600-1652/3)

The Angel Appearing to Saint Anne

Probably Haarlem, Holland, the second quarter of the 17th century

Oil on wood

38.7 x 29.8 cm

Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, is barren and she prays for a child. 

An angel appears to announce that her petition has been answered and she is pregnant with a daughter.  The story of Anne and her husband Joachim does not feature in the New Testament; instead, it was taken from a body of writing known as the apocrypha, a rich source of religious legend.

De Grebber was a Catholic artist living in Protestant Holland.  He painted religious scenes for patrons in Flanders and the secret Catholic churches of Holland.

Purchased 1951 (No.51.2)

This painting is not currently on display

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