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Equestrian Themes in the Barber’s Collection of Works on Paper

The domesticated horse has enjoyed a special relationship with man for millennia as a crucial partner in warfare, hunting, agriculture, leisure and other major aspects of our existence.

This display of prints and drawings from the Barber collection explores our relationship with this animal, prized for its strength, speed, and sometimes its wildness. Horses also held a special place in the affections of Sir Henry and Lady Barber, themselves keen equestrians, and rarely seen photographs from the gallery’s archive of the pair, proudly mounted on their own prize steeds, will also be included.


Science and the Artist

Thursday 11 September, 2 - 2.45pm

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Uncovering Literature

Friday 17 October, 2.30 - 3.30pm

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Tuesday 14 October, 1.30 - 4pm

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Saturday 27 September, 1.30 - 4pm

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