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Charles-François Daubigny (1817 – 1878)

A Seascape

Brittany, possibly 1867

Oil on canvas

84 x 146.5 cm


This seascape probably dates from one of the artist’s trips to the rocky coast of Brittany. 

Even such large canvases as this were painted on the spot by Daubigny.  The artist uses a range of techniques to capture the different textures of sky and rocks, and the contrasting effects of the sea-swell and the breaking waves.

Daubigny was closely associated with a group of artists dedicated to painting from nature.  They were based in the forest south of Paris and were known as the Barbizon School.


Purchased 1972 (No.72.1)

Pierre Étienne Théodore Rousseau (1812-1867)

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Charles-François Daubigny (1817-1878)

Apple Tree at Auvers (Pommiers à Auvers)