Degas, De’Anne and Miss La La

Degas, De’Anne & Miss La La: A live desktop performance by De’Anne Crooks This event took place on Wednesday 5 May 2021, 6 – 6.45pm Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando (1879) is a drawing by Edgar Degas of Miss La La, an acrobat of mixed European and African parentage. Exoticised at the time … Read more

Ikegobo to the Iyoba (Hand Altar to the Queen Mother)

Ikegobo to the Iyoba (Hand Altar to the Queen Mother) Unrecorded Edo Artist from the Royal Artisan Guilds of Benin The Kingdom of Benin, Edo state, (modern day) southern Nigeria, about late 18th/early 19th century Brass 21.3 x 26.7 cm diameter at base Purchased 1948 (No.48.1) This Ikegobo (altarpiece) comes from the Kingdom of Benin, … Read more

Sights of Wonder resources

Exhibition Resources Sights of Wonder is an online exhibition of photographs by Francis Bedford (1815-1894) taken during a royal tour to the Eastern Mediterranean in 1862. Curated by Art History and Curating MA students at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with Royal Collection Trust and the Barber Institute, the exhibition launched on 12 June … Read more

Hidden Histories

Hidden Histories 2018 The Barber’s Learning and Engagement team partnered with Dr Asha Rodgers, University of Birmingham (UoB) lecturer in Contemporary Postcolonial Literature, and artist and writer Dzifa Benson to deliver a two-part event collaborating with UoB students. Students participated in a workshop with Dzifa Benson which explored artworks and objects in the Barber collection … Read more

Reclaiming the Teapot

Objects can provide us with a window into the past. They can tell us stories about individuals, groups, societies and the world. Asking questions about objects can help us to build a picture of the past and consider how that past affects our present and future. Reclaiming the Teapot was a collaborative project between the … Read more

Currents: Empire and Migration

March – June 2019 This project brought together artist Jane Thakoordin, Ikon Youth Programme (IYP) and the Barber Collective to explore an exhibition at Ikon Gallery alongside an object in the Barber’s collection. The project drew points for consideration and inspiration from Hew Locke’s Armada (2019) which was displayed in his 2019 exhibition at Ikon … Read more

Looking again at a Collections highlight

The Marriage Feast at Cana by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo Since March 2020, colleagues in the Learning & Engagement and Curatorial teams have been re-looking at The Marriage Feast at Cana, from about 1672, by the Spanish artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. This ongoing collaborative project aims to address the representation, the possible identities and lived experiences, … Read more

Worm: art +ecology

Worm Art + Ecology logo

Barber Home – online workshop Facilitated by Angela Chan (curator, researcher and artist, also Worm: art + ecology), 7 December 2020. Angela Chan of curatorial project Worm Art +ecology investigated climate and environmental issues throughout art history in the Barber’s own collection. Angela hosted a guided workshop on how we might view and discuss painting, … Read more