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Facilitated by Angela Chan (curator, researcher and artist, also Worm: art + ecology), 7 December 2020.

Angela Chan of curatorial project Worm Art +ecology investigated climate and environmental issues throughout art history in the Barber’s own collection. Angela hosted a guided workshop on how we might view and discuss painting, sculpture and prints through the lens of environmental research and global histories. This was done through presentation and open discussion as a group.

Together participants developed expressive and analytical skills to narrate the local and global histories of people, power and the environment, and talk about how these experiences have shaped today’s climate issues.

This workshop was hosted over Zoom and was open to everyone, it is aimed at an adult audience with an interest in art or climate issues.

What is Worm: art +ecology?

Worm: art +ecology is a long-term curatorial project that communicates climate change issues through contemporary art and creative practices. It produces online and gallery exhibitions, interviews with practitioners and also delivers public workshops and talks focused on intersectional climate justice issues.

Through engaging with the online community through interviews and projects with creative practitioners, the curatorial project invites perspectives from artists, writers, researchers, growers and activists to discuss and share their practices and projects.

Worm: art +ecology strives to challenge the criteria for climate change expertise, to encourage accessible and intersectional approaches to these issues, and forefront perspectives that are systemically marginalised from the mainstream environmental conversations.

Beginning in 2014, Worm: art +ecology is a UK-based project. It is continually developing, with the aim to hold space for a growing global network of creative practices focused on climate issues.

This event took place on Monday 7 December 2020,  6 – 7.30pm. Watch the recording:

Image: ‘Vesuvius in Eruption’, Joseph Wright of Derby, 1777-1780,  oil on canvas, on loan from a private collection.

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