What our visitors say…

“An amazing collection…”

”Most interesting gallery and surprising collection, much enjoyed” DG, London, 12/02/2020

”Helpful staff, superb building, we really enjoyed the collection and display” MW, Shropshire, 11/02/2020

”One of the greatest art galleries in the UK. It is always worth making the effort to visit. I shall be back. Inspiring!” HG, Newcastle upon Tyne, 07/02/2020

”Very interesting – worth the visit. Simon helped with his valued information to make the pictures come to life!” J, Sutton Coldfield, 06/02/2020

‘”An amazing collection and a privilege to be able to have such access to view” AT, Gloucestershire, 05/02/2020

‘”I had forgotten how good the artwork is. Really enjoyed out visit. The guides are just as good” TM, Kidderminster, 05/02/2020

‘”Excellent collection, informative friendly guides, Primrose Hill a particular highlight” D, Birmingham, 04/02/2020

‘”A jewel of a place! Some very interesting and inspiring pieces. Welcoming and helpful staff also.” CV, Hampstead, 02/02/2020

‘”Lovely!” SA, Michigan, 01/02/2020

‘“Fantastic collection! Wonderful help understanding some of the artwork” L, Cambridge, 30/01/2020

‘“Very impressive collection! Beautifully displayed and staff very helpful” MC, Derbyshire 29/01/2020

‘“Delightful” MM, Japan, 28/01/2020

‘“Very special collection and attractive art deco building, thanks!” CM, Spain, 26/01/2020

The Barber currently ranks among the most popular visitor attractions in Birmingham on TripAdvisor. Here are some of the great things our visitors have been saying about us on there:

“We visited here to look at a few different pieces of amazing art and this really is the home for it. So many touching pieces and a must for the lovers of fine art.” MJHBCFC2, Birmingham, 09/19

“…It’s the perfect size for an Art Gallery if you are just an ordinary ‘art lover’ like me. After 50 paintings, don’t we all glaze over a bit? So the exquisite pieces which are hung here are just enough to leave one feeling happy and satisfied. There are religious pieces mixed in with portraits of ordinary people (my favourite) and landscapes. Only one truly modern piece, a highly stylised rendition of Primrose Hill in London. The custodian/guard/Assistant was just the right amount enthusiastic and informative, but he also knew when to leave you to get on with it…” KerryEileen, Pennsylvania, 30/08/19

“Given how few free museums there are in Birmingham, this is a really good option for an afternoon. It’s quite small but has a lot on show from world famous artists and it’s not overpacked like other museums are. Definitely worth a visit.” Hannahstock, Leicester, 23/08/19

“This is a museum on the University of Birmingham campus. Although small (a visit can take only an hour or two), the collection is interesting and high quality, representing a wide variety of art genres and ages, from ancient coins to modern paintings. Definitely worth a visit. There is a small gift shop at the entrance.” Terryh712, 18/08/19

“Well worth a visit: What a find this museum is full of surprises and a few very rare pieces. The mix of art and artists are a pleasure to behold and don’t miss the sculptures and the plaques on the walls as you ascend the stairs rare indeed. The staff are friendly and informative and I had a great visit will I be returning try and stop me.” – JillK205, Benfleet, 27/05/19

“A real gem hidden in the university! We spent a very pleasant few hours in this gallery. It has a wonderful, varied selection of paintings and sculptures. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. It has good wheelchair access.”  Tubbytabby, London, 14/04/19

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