Unknown Italian Artist

The Madonna and Child Enthroned (centre); Saint John the Baptist, with the Angel of the Annunciation (left); Saint Mary Magdalene, with the Madonna Annunciate (right)

Tempera on wood

Venice or Rimini, late 14th century

27.2 x 40 cm

The Virgin Mary, enthroned with the infant Christ, appears against a finely decorated gold ground.

They are flanked to the left by Saint John the Baptist with a scroll proclaiming Behold the Lamb of God.  To the right is Mary Magdalene shown covered by long hair in her role as a penitent.  According to legend she discarded her worldly goods as a desert hermit, but her modesty was preserved.  Above, the Virgin, to the right and the angel Gabriel, to the left, form an Annunciation scene.  The panels formed a portable triptych for private devotional use.

Purchased 1960 (No.60.5)