Sound Explorers

Online / Outdoors

What might you discover if you use your ears instead of your eyes to find out about the natural world?

Explore, listen and record sounds of nature in your local area with sound artists Emma Margetson and Nikki Sheth. Follow the three activities below and become Sound Explorers:

  1. Let’s go on a Sound Hunt!
  2. Let’s Create a Sound Map!
  3. Let’s become a Sound Maker!

You are also invited to send us your sound recordings captured around Birmingham and beyond to be added to the collective Sound Explorers sound map which launches at the BEAST FEaST 2021 festival on Saturday 24th April. Delve into the activities below and explore the outdoors through sound!


TASK –You will need the following items:

  • The 3 printed activity sheets on this page
  • A pencil and colouring pencils (if you’d like)
  • A clip board/book to lean on whilst walking outdoors
  • A phone/recorder

1. Let’s Go on a Sound Hunt! 

Activity Sheet: Let’s Go on a Sound Hunt!


  • On your Sound Hunt, LISTEN and DISCOVER different sounds – What is the quietest sound? What is the loudest sound? Who/what is making the sound? Which sounds are up high? Which sounds are down below? Which sounds are near? Which sounds are in the distance?
  • TICK off any sounds you can hear on the activity sheet and/or write/draw and other sounds you can hear in the box.

2. Let’s Create a Sound Map!


  • Create your own sound map by drawing the sounds you hear on your sound walk
  • STOP, LISTEN and DRAW! For 0-7 years, stop four times during the walk and draw what you hear. For 7+ years, stop as many times as you wish to capture the sound walk through drawing.
  • Take a look at the example sheets for inspiration before you start.

3. Let’s become a Sound Maker!


  • RECORD your sounds using a phone or recorder!
  • Take notes using the activity sheet and a photograph of the sounds you are recording, and submit them to our Sound Explorers Sound Map!
  • Please ensure that each recorded sound is no longer than 3 minutes in length

4. Submit your sounds!

Submit your sound/s by filling in this form and uploading your sound file/s:

N.B. you will need to log in to Google to do this. If you have any problems or do not have a Google account please email us directly at and we can provide an alternative way to submit sounds. 

5. The Sound Explorers Sound Map!

You can explore the Sound Map here on Google Earth:

Please note: Please use CHROME, FIREFOX or EDGE browsers to use this map. If you are using your mobile phone please download the GOOGLE EARTH app!

If you require any further information in the meantime or have any queries, please contact