Overhear with Jacqui Rowe

Barber Home – creative writing

Where sky meets the white sea
there is a fishing boat, bending
against the breeze.
We watch it sail past.
We watch every night.

Writer and poet Jacqui Rowe has hosted creative writing workshops in our galleries since 2013.

Be inspired by Jacqui’s original poems and find out what she’s missing about the Barber, including the camaraderie of our Saturday afternoon workshops – and the comfort she found in writing about familiar works in the collection for Barber Home.


Try creative writing exercises and read an interview with Jacqui alongside her poetry about our collection in our downloadable resource.

Want to hear more?

Listen to Jacqui read her poems on location via Overhear, the audio app hosting content from local writers and local spaces. Head to page 10 of the resource above to find out more.

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