Student Creative Writing Workshop #2 | Birth Stories & Black-outs

Wednesday 11 May, 2 – 4.30pm

Join writer and poet Adrian B. Earle to work words on your Wednesday afternoon.

Weaving wonders from the gallery walls, these workshops are dedicated to experimenting with creating writing inspired by the artworks within the Barber’s collection. Connect with Adrian and other students to re-invent your relationship to the gallery space.

How does the story of an artwork’s origin affect our perception of it? How does our lived experience and knowledge change how we read an artwork?

In this second of three workshops, you will recreate new, absurd and wonderous origin stories for masterpieces within the Barber’s collection. You will take ownership over the narratives and highlight voices often unheard by using and learning about redaction and black-out poetry used by writers such as Mary Ruefle and Yedda Morrisons.

Adrian will help guide your work using imaginative writing exercises and speculative provocations to equip you with handy and fun writing tools, inspiring creative and poetic visual responses to our collection.

These student workshops will take place at the Barber Institute. They are designed to be attended together as a series, but you are more than welcome to attend just one or two! They have limited spaces, so booking is essential. No writing experience necessary.

All creations from this series will form part of a collaborative zine with works from Adrian and fellow students, that will be presented as part of our Gallery Tour | Poetry with Adrian Earle, celebrating this work within our student engagement programme this past year.


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