Embrace the Strange with LYNNEBEC

Barber Home – online workshop

Barber Home and LYNNEBEC collaborated for a surreal Dada-esque movement workshop. Inspired by Jean (Hans) Arp’s ‘Man Seen by a Flower’ (1958) the workshop offered a space to explore our own physicality in the current nonsensical landscape.

Responding to Arp’s working processes, LYNNEBEC embraced the strange and celebrated chaos by using chance and risk as a choreographing technique. This nurturing space for our bodies, allowed us to become comfortable with the idea of change and randomness and encourage growth within ourselves.

This was a free online workshop hosted via Zoom, tailored for adult participants only (18+).

LYNNEBEC (Jessica Barber & Catherine Butler) are a multidisciplinary performance duo based in Birmingham.

They create site-specific, highly interactive, ensemble-led projects for outdoor or found performance spaces. Their work is a hybrid of physical theatre, dance, circus and visual arts, and focuses on live audience interaction in performance.


Explore these ideas yourself with the workshop outline and resources.


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