Do you see the light?

Barber Home – online workshop series

As day by day we welcome back the light, perhaps you’d like to instil positive creative practices into your routine. Join local photographer Kate Green for a series of practical and social workshops, exploring how photography and creativity can help wellbeing.

This series will introduce you to the practice of mindful photography, build up your understanding of how a camera works, including its basic operations and focussing, before exploring how we might take pictures in different lighting conditions.

By exploring sources of light within the Barber’s collection we will frame our conversations and open up our own creative practices as a group. These workshops are designed as a series, are free and have limited spaces.

No prior experience or skills are needed, just yourselves and either a camera or smart phone. Open to everyone over the age of 18.

This series of events took place on Wednesday 10, 17 and 24 February 2021, 5 – 6.30pm.

This event is supported by the West Midlands Museum Development Recovery Grant to support the Barber’s Recovery series of workshops. These public events are adapted from our private Recovery Art sessions, a longstanding programme that supports participants to take positive steps on their individual and collective journeys of recovery. We continue this programme safely hosting monthly artist led workshops remotely.

Online workshop series

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