CineQ Watch Party

Barber Home – watch party

Barber Home and CineQ collaborated for an evening of independent queer film, celebrating queerness from our own homes.

With many Pride events cancelled and usual safe spaces closed off, nurturing a community of support is more important than ever. Across the world trans and non-binary rights are being eroded, so while the evening celebrated the whole queer family, it focused especially on non-binary and trans stories.

Responding to the Barber’s Reclining Nymph, painted in 1519 by Domenico Beccafumi, this watch party queered the notion of ‘home’ – thinking about queer bodies as a ‘home’, exploring the ‘home-ness’ of queer identities and considering our queer spaces as ‘home’.

Come together and use the power of art, film and community to build collective love in defiance of fear and ignorance.

The watch party was hosted by CineQ, who showcase the best in local and international queer film, with a focus on stories for and by QTIPOC.

Watch list and more:

Read about CineQ’s work, Beccafumi’s Reclining Nymph, and find the watch list here.

*Contains themes of an adult nature and language which some might find offensive.

Watch Party

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