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Writing Workshops

Develop your writing, explore new approaches or just have a go at our monthly writing workshops, inspired by the Barber’s collection.


Saturday 15 September 

Barber People

For Birmingham Heritage Week, in this workshop we will found out about some of the people, such as Lady Barber and Thomas Bodkin, who were involved in the early days of the Barber, and use them to write our own stories and monologues.

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Saturday 20 October

Birmingham’s What I Think With

As part of the University’s Book to the Future festival, we’ll be exploring the Barber’s environs and also writing about other parts of the city, that have personal significance.

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Saturday 10 November 


Inspired by Maman’, and other works in the galleries, in this workshop we’ll be looking at family relationships, particularly between parents and children.

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Saturday 8 December

Creatures Great and Small

Animals play a large part in many artworks including the Animals in Art display.  In this workshop we’ll be examining their relationships with humans and writing from the animals’ point-of-view.

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Lightning Talks

Wednesday 28 November 2018

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Barber Art School

13 - 15 years Workshops

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On Paper

Prints and Drawings in Focus Talks

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KÄTHE KOLLWITZ (1867-1945)

The Young Couple