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What our visitors say…

The Barber currently ranks in the top 10 most-popular things to do in Birmingham on TripAdvisor. Here are some of the great things our visitors have been saying about us on there.

‘A wonderful collection, beautifully and informatively displayed and explained too.’- Jackie Hughes, Hull, 14/01/2018

‘Fantastic!’- Muraz Kilig, Istanbul, Turkey, 14/01/2018

‘Loved the Van Gogh. Very interesting!’- Sauthier Sylvie, Chamonix, France, 08/01/2018

‘Very interesting collection, superb gallery’- Ruth Hetherington, Warwick, 07/01/2018

‘A lovely space. Enjoyable range. Stimulating. Very welcoming staff’- Diana Rigg (The Avengers), Chelmsford, 31/12/2017

‘The most amazing place in Birmingham’- Jank K, Birmingham

‘I love this gallery! Admission is free and there are always some amazing art pieces to see. They even had some of Claude Monet’s work which was incredible! Not only that but the gift shop has postcards of many of the great paintings (I bought several and love them). Will definitely go again.’- Catroina B, 02/12/2017

‘My only regret is not going sooner!’- Steve C., Solihull, 03/12/2018

‘An amazing collection of works by many famous artists in a fine Art Deco building. This is the Midland’s own National Gallery with so many works by famous artists, yet it gets hardly gets crowded.’- Marg826, Coventry, 24/11/2018

‘We were astounded to find paintings by many famous pre- Raphaelite and Renaissance artists. The Byzantine coin collection was very well and interestingly described without too much detail…’- twinservices, Birmingham, 12/11/2017

‘Layout was spacious and everything was clearly labelled. The staff were friendly and informative. It was a very pleasant excursion which could take an hour, a morning or all day, depending on what you want to gain from it. A suggested donation of £5 is asked for and is well worth it.’- Sue O, 8/11/2017

‘It’s been a pleasure to walk the corridors of this building and even enjoy studying here OU – taking exams in the halls and graduating much later in life. Its a place that holds fond memories and always will. Glad it will be around for much longer for Others to enjoy for as long as possible – thank you Patrons well done!’- Andrea H, 6/11/2017

‘Great museum to get a sense of the prevailing artistic context of the era in context and, sometime clues to the mind set and orientation of the individual artist.’- 40827Loveto Travel, 6/11/2017

‘Very nice surprise when I realized that I can satisfy my relish of fine art at BIFA . If you miss Monet, Manet, Magritte, Renoir, Rubens, Rossetti, Rodin, Degas, Delacroix, Picasso, Botticelli you can find some of their fine works over here.’- Dan T, 20/10/2017

‘Can’t believe I’ve not been persuaded to visit this place earlier. I’ve been in Birmingham 20 years and never really heard about this place. I had a really enjoyable afternoon here’- Paul D, 7/10/2017

‘I truly enjoyed this small, yet well-displayed and curated gallery. Totally enjoyed the display of art pieces according to year and era.’ – Sue A., 5/09/17

‘Can’t believe I’ve not been persuaded to visit this place earlier… I had a really enjoyable afternoon here.’ – Paul D, 5/09/17

‘The gallery is a delight with prime examples of art from all periods.’ – jfitz2014, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 28/09/17

‘An unexpected pleasure.’ – evans2325, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 01/09/1

And here are some quotes from our visitors’ book…

‘What a lovely gallery; such a find on a university campus.’ – Kim van Winsen, The Netherlands, 27/09/17

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