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What our visitors say…

Our visitors are often keen to tell us how much they’ve enjoyed coming to the Barber. Here are some of their comments from our visitors’ book:

‘Amazing asset and resource. A surprising visit. Great staff’ B. and J. Piggot, Hertfordshire, 13/08/18

‘Lovely small collection, easy to digest. Very worthwhile’ T.K, Surrey, 02/08/18

‘A wonderful collection in a beautiful building’ A.D, Chepstow, 25/07/18

‘An amazing find. Some real gems’ I.F, Rome 23/07/18

‘Excellent as always’ J and E.P, Worcester, 23/07/18

‘Super!’ M.M, France, 19/07/18

‘Beautiful building, about time we visited’ I.W and W.C, Worcester, 18/07/18

‘So lovely to return after all this time, nostalgic visit!’ S.A, 11/07/18

‘Brilliant! A joy to spend time among these superb works – thank you!’ K.B, 11/07/18

‘Absolutely brilliant!’ W.O’C, 09/07/18

‘Lovely modern paintings!’ JS, 09/07/18

‘A delightful visit – thank you!’ FG, Humberside, 08/07/18

‘I am amazed by the collection! Feels so different every time!’ K, Hong Kong, 07/07/18

‘A marvellous collection. What an achievement!’ JG, London, 01/07/18

‘The Barber is a jewel. I love coming here.’ MB, Nottingham, 27/06/18

‘Simply perfect.’ Y.A.K, Tokyo, 22/06/18

‘Always a joy to visit.’ T.P, Warwickshire, 20/06/18

‘Fantastic! A small National Gallery and my favourite Renoir!’ S, Warsaw Poland, 20/06/18



The Barber currently ranks among the most popular visitor attractions in Birmingham on TripAdvisor. Here are some of the great things our visitors have been saying about us on there:

‘This place is a little slice of heaven, well worth the extra travel out of the city. A world class collection featuring Rembrandt, Manet, Van Gogh and Rossetti – just to name a few! I love it here, it’s cool and quiet and peaceful, but the culture of the place has a lot to say.’ – TimeToTravelGirlUK, Birmingham, 02/08/18

 ‘Wonderful to visit, a gem of an art gallery, peaceful and quiet where you can look to your heart’s content.’ – Bovrat, Birmingham, 06/07/18

‘Beautifully displayed in a fabulous building it is well worth a visit.’ – Telgip, Guildford, 01/07/18

‘Excellent art gallery … with an eclectic and fascinating collection.’ – GoodLifeForMe, Warwickshire, 20/06/18

‘Wow, brilliant Art Deco building. Wonderful collection of paintings in a totally quiet setting … Free admission. Totally amazing’ – peeler2016, Tamworth, 09/06/2018

‘It is hard to imagine why this gallery is not better known. It is an easy bus ride and walk to the Uni campus where this attractive Deco building is located. (And a very quick walk to Winterbourne House afterwards!). They have a small but well-curated collection spanning several centuries. I was particularly interested in the Victorian period and this collection did not disappoint. The building is also used for music and I was able to eavesdrop on a rehearsal in the Deco-styled theater. If you are interested in seeing a wonderful gallery, which you can see in a very reasonable amount of time, this is for you.’ – Squidhead, Costa Mesa California, 29/05/2018

‘On Birmingham University Campus. Free. Around 100 or so very well presented and varied pictures, chronologically displayed. Everything from Renoir and Matisse to Hans Arp and Howard Hodgkin. Very quiet, and staff super friendly. If you want a great day out do this then stroll…’ – Stewhils, Orpington, 24/05/2018

‘We visited with a group from The Arts Society Corinium and had a pre-arranged tour by a member of staff – who was excellent – giving us an insight into the way artists have developed their skills over the centuries. The pictures and sculptures on display were stunning and so well curated.’ – John T, Cirencester, 23/05/2018

‘I love this gallery. It’s free (with donations welcomed) and it has a good selection of art without being so huge that you forget what you’ve seen.’ – RS, Windsor and Maidenhead, 12/05/2018

‘You don’t tend to associate universities with art galleries, which is why the Barber is so unique. The quality of the curation is superb and the collection includes a number of works by French Impressionists that you’ll be stunned to find live in Birmingham!’
– User 339334, Dudley, 27/04/2018

‘The museum houses a nice collection. The design of the museum is also welcoming and calming. Definitely a place to get away and enjoy the afternoon.’- Klangton701, Fort Worth, Texas, 22/02/2018

‘Visit this gallery. Amazing paintings and all free. What a fantastic thing for Birmingham university to have such a gallery and its contents, I was bowled over. How lucky to be endowed with this treasure. Ongoing new acquisitions.’ – Stoddd, 07/02/2018

‘Hidden deep in the campus of Birmingham Uni is this small art gallery with some stunning exhibits. An easy walk from the train station, there are masterpieces to be found. Experienced staff on hand to help too.’ – Stephen392013, Coventry, 02/02/2018

‘This is perhaps the single greatest cultural gem in Birmingham – 100 of the world’s best paintings (basically one each by all of the world’s most famous painters), all in one friendly gallery. And free! You can walk around in a hour or two – but could easily spend several weeks there – up to you! Nice shop, too.’ – TonyBov, Birmingham, 17/01/2018

Owen McSwiny (1684-1754)

Tombeaux des princes, grands capitaines et autre hommes illustres qui ont fleuri dans la Grande Bretagne

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Owen McSwiny (1684-1754)

Tombeaux des princes, grands capitaines et autre hommes illustres qui ont fleuri dans la Grande Bretagne

Learn more

Owen McSwiny (1684-1754)

Tombeaux des princes, grands capitaines et autre hommes illustres qui ont fleuri dans la Grande Bretagne

Learn more

Owen McSwiny (1684-1754)

Tombeaux des princes, grands capitaines et autre hommes illustres qui ont fleuri dans la Grande Bretagne

Learn more