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The Rhythm of Light

Immensely appealing works by the four artists known collectively as the ‘Scottish Colourists’ – SJ Peploe, JD Fergusson, FCB Cadell and Leslie Hunter – are shown together for the first time in the West Midlands in this exhibition of works lent by the important Fleming Collection.

Painted in the early 20th century, their cityscapes, still lifes and landscapes reveal a shared preoccupation with light, rhythm – and, of course, colour. The Scottish Colourists, all of whom spent time in France, responded to the revolutionary impact of French art – from Manet to Matisse – and produced some of the most vibrant images of their day, whether painting across the Channel or back in Scotland. 

Image: Samuel John Peploe, Luxembourg Gardens, c.1910 © Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation

Here’s what our visitors said about the exhibition…

‘Really fabulous exhibition. Beautiful paintings – very informative but not overwhelming notes- really lovely!’- EH, Birmingham, 13/05/2018

‘An absolute gem of an exhibition, beautifully hung, excellent research, wonderful book but the paintings are the stars of the show. Perfect!’ OP, Worcestershire, 13/05/2018

‘Brilliant. Perfect size. I have learned so much about the artists.’ – WP, Wolverhampton, 12/05/2018

‘Lovely. Thank you for putting together this amazing collection.’ – JJ, Halesowen, 11/05/2018 

‘Always a pleasure to visit the Barber.’ – The friends of Bristol Art Gallery, 10/05/2018

‘A wonderful opportunity to see the works of the Colourists. Thank you.’ – K, Leicestershire, 09/05/2018

‘Wonderful to see them in real life at last.’ – MF, Staffordshire, 04/05/2018

‘An inspiring exhibition.’ – SG, Bromsgrove, 01/05/2018

‘As ever well-chosen and beautifully presented exhibition. Thank you.’ – VW, Hereford, 26/04/18

‘Snapshots of sunshine – absolutely stunning!’ – RF, Edinburgh, 23/04/18

‘The Rhythm of Light was an outstanding temporary delight.’ – MF, Cotswold, 18/04/2018

‘Excellent exhibition.’ -GJ, North Wales, 24/03/2018

‘One of my fave ‘groups’ of artists – thanks for bring it all here.’ – C, Birmingham, 24/03/2018

‘ I feel as though I visited Scotland and France.’ – AJ, London, 22/03/2018 

‘Always nice to discover new amazing painters which were known for me till today. Thank you!’ – LH, Czech Republic, 19/03/2018

‘Totally excellent- brilliant artworks.’ – CA, Manchester, 13/03/2018 

‘Gorgeous paintings, very vibrant.’ – LS & AT, Halesowen, 10/03/2018




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