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The Prints and Drawings Study Room houses our fine collection of prints, drawings and watercolours, comprising more than 1,000 works and six centuries of the draughtsman’s and printmaker’s arts. There are outstanding drawings by Fra Bartolommeo, Rembrandt, Turner, Ingres, Degas and German Expressionists. The prints include exceptional works by Dürer, Goya, and Italian and Flemish Renaissance masters, 19th-century French artists, and 20th-century artists, again including many German examples and also Picasso.

A selection of our prints and drawings can be viewed on our dedicated webpage and on the University’s Online Collections website. We are continuously adding more of the works online.

We show a rotating selection of works on paper in our two dedicated exhibition spaces, which we call the Print Bays (located in the Green and Beige galleries). Normally we have six exhibitions of works on paper in these spaces per year.

If you wish to view a work not currently on display, you can make an appointment to see it in the Prints and Drawings Study Room, which is equipped with viewing lecterns and a study/seminar table.

  • Please see our PDF here to help you prepare for your visit to the Prints and Drawings Study Room and to become familiar with the rules for studying in this space during Covid-19.

The Prints and Drawing Study Room was created with the financial support of the DCMS/Wolfson Museums Improvement Fund.

KÄTHE KOLLWITZ (1867-1945)

The Young Couple


Arent van Bolten (about 1573-1633)

Lamp in the form of a grotesque bird