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Based on a different theme each week, these half-hour tours and talks introduce you to individual works and wider themes in our collections, displays and exhibitions – devised to appeal to beginners and more knowledgeable visitors alike.


January – April 2020


14 January

St James Alabaster, Coronation of the Virgin

Robert Wenley, Head of Collections


21 January

Religion, Nature and the Uncanny: Exploring the Sublime

Charlotte Freyne, Learning and Engagement Intern


28 January

Alexander the Great – Both Sides of the Coin

Mike Saxby, Gallery Guide


4 February

‘Maternal Bonds – Images of Motherhood’ – Display Introduction

Beth Brankowski, Collections Intern


11 February

Queering the Collection in LGBTQ+ History Month

Dr Elliot Evans, Lecturer in Modern Languages, University of Birmingham


18 February

Queering the Collection in LGBTQ+ History Month

Jon Sleigh, Freelance Arts Educator, Learning Officer and Learning Curator


25 February 

‘Cornwall as Crucible’ – Exhibition Introduction

Helen Cobby, Assistant Curator


3 March

‘Cézanne and the Modern French Print’ – Display Introduction

Helen Cobby, Assistant Curator


10 March

Miss Bentham: Naming the Nude

Becca Randle, Learning and Engagement Coordinator


17 March

The Labours of Hercules

Barbara Foggarty, Gallery Guide


24 March

A Glass of Absinthe with Gauguin, Lautrec and Van Gogh

Jim Murray, Gallery Guide


1 April

A Trip to the Normandy Coast

Pam Turton, Gallery Guide


7 April 

Home and Away: French Painting in the 17th century

John Southall, Gallery Guide


15 April

The Crucifixion in Renaissance Art

Jennifer Young, Gallery Guide


21 April

World Mother Earth Day: Exploring Aphrodite

Jill Ambler, Gallery Guide


29 April

Venetian Artists

Barbara Foggarty, Gallery Guide


Spring 2020

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