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10 January

Making Waves: Sea and Society in 18th and 19th Century Britain

Jess Stallwood, Learning & Engagement Intern


17 January

The 18th Century Grand Tour

Barbara Fogarty, Gallery Guide


24 January

Introduction to Copying the Masters

Charlotte Bagwell, Collections Intern


31 January

Portraits for the Enlightenment

John Southall, Gallery Guide



7 February

Tragic Love: Star-crossed lovers represented in the collection

Jennifer Young, Gallery Guide


14 February

Introduction to Francis Bacon’s Two Figures in a Room

Robert Wenley, Deputy Director


21 February

Introduction to Excavating Empire; David Talbot Rice and the rediscover of Byzantium

Anna Kelley, Curator


28 February

Modish Young Gents: Portrayals in the Collection

Jen Costigan, Gallery Guide




7 March

Introduction to Tumbleweed

Hannah Honeywell, Artist-in-Residence


14 March

The Colour Blue: Origins and Symbolism

Pam Turton, Gallery Guide


21 March

Introduction to Excavating Empire: Gold, Silver and Bronze in Byzantium

Maria Vrij, Coin Curator


28 March

“Let me tell you a story”: Narratives in the Collection

Ann Darnton, Gallery Guide



4 April

Unseen Landscapes: Artists and their relationship to places

Jill Ambler, Gallery Guide


11 April

The Cross: Depictions in the collection

Jennifer Young, Gallery Guide


25 April

Introduction to Works of Mercy: Robert Wenley in conversation with Attilio Fiumarella 

Robert Wenley, Deputy Director, and Attilio Fiumarella, Photographer



Walk and Talk

Terms of Engagement & Phantom Walls

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