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Paul Cézanne (1839 – 1906)

Guillaumin with the hanged man 

France, Auvers, 1873


Plate: 155 x 115 mm; paper 245 x 185 mm; mount 555 x 405 mm


Cézanne etched this portrait of fellow painter Guillaumin while the pair were visiting artist Camille Pissarro at his home in Pontoise, France. The Impressionist trio first met while studying art at the Académie Suisse in Paris, remaining lifelong friends and inspirations to one another. Although Guillaumin did not achieve the fame of the other two artists, his influence on their work was significant. Alongside Pissarro, he urged Cézanne to start etching. Cézanne’s first attempt was a landscape based on Guillaumin’s paintings of boats on the River Seine.

Purchased 1959 (No. 59.2)

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