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Paul Cézanne (1839-1906)

Self Portrait

France, 1896/7


63 x 47.5 cm


This is an example of one of Cézanne’s many self-portraits, although it is the only version made in the print medium. Perhaps he felt that such a familiar subject would help him more comfortably experiment with printmaking. His earlier, painted, self-portraits are often more enigmatic, aiming to further his own reputation as an artistic radical. This work, however, has an air of gravitas, aided by his formal attire. It was made a year after Vollard’s exhibition of approximately 150 paintings by Cézanne, which established him as a respected artist. Vollard intended to publish this lithograph in his third album of prints, but, because the previous albums had not sold well, the third series remained unfinished and therefore unpublished. 

Purchased 1992 (No. 92.3)

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