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‘Of Exceptional and Outstanding Merit’

Treasures from the Barber Institute of Fine Arts

The Wallace Collection, London


To mark Lady Barber’s reference to the Wallace Collection as a benchmark of quality for the Barber’s own collections, key items of sculpture and decorative arts from the Barber will be displayed there.

Objects will include an ancient Greek helmet, a 14th-century French ivory casket, and the Butleigh Salt – each of which relates to objects at the Wallace.

The display will complement the Birth of a Collection exhibition at the National Gallery and explore and enhance links between the Barber and the Wallace and their respective collections.

JOSEPH GOTT (1786 – 1860)

Greyhound with Puppies

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‘Greyhound with Puppies’ by Joseph Gott

New acquisition

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Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

A horse trotting


Orazio Marinali (1643-1720)

Christ as the Man of Sorrows