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Look out for our term-time lunchtime lecture series. Exploring topics that complement our collections and exhibition programme, these popular illustrated 50-minute lectures take place in the Barber Lecture Theatre.


11 May

Introducing Uncovering Hoards: an exhibition of coin hoards held at the Barber Institute

Maria Vrij, Coin Curator

With the aim of bringing the history beneath our feet to life, this intriguing introductory lecture will be followed by an exhibition tour, led by the exhibition’s curator.


18 May

The Marriage of History and Science: testing the purity of Byzantine gold coinage.

Dr. Jonathan Jarrett, University of Leeds

Evidence from hoards suggests that the Byzantine gold coinage circulated on its continued high gold content. This lecture will consider recent work on the metal content gold coins in the Barber’s collection by XRF WD technique.


25 May

Viking hoards that changed history: from Watlington to the Vale of York

Dr. Gareth Williams, The British Museum

In October 2015, a Viking Age hoard was discovered in Watlington, Oxfordshire. While Watlington made the news, it is by no means alone in altering our understanding of this period in history. This lecture investigates how hoards have changed history.


1 June

Hoards of the later 3rd century from Britain- why are there so many?

Prof. Roger Bland, The British Museum (honorary) and The University of Leicester

Hoards can be found from almost all periods of documented history, but few more so than for the third century in the British Isles. This lecture, presented by a leading Romano-British archaeologist, questions why this should be.


6 July

Did My Hero Look Like That?

Portraits of Tudor and Jacobean Playwrights and Poets 

Discover why portraits of playwrights and poets may have been produced in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, and what they tell us about the fashioning of early creative identities.




















Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet

Wednesday 19 October 7.30pm

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- Michael Glover, The Independent

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Giovanni Bellini (about 1430 – 1516)

Saint Jerome in the Wilderness


Hippolyte Bellange (1800-1866)

The Entry of Bonaparte into Milan