barber institute of fine arts
university of birmingham

Creative Sunday workshops



Session 1: 11am – 12.30pm (Ages 4 – 8 Years)

Sessions 2: 1.30 – 3pm (Ages 8 – 12 Years)




5 Feb

Mark-making in Paint: Use some surprising tools, to create a painting full of marks and textures.

– Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Painting with different tools; Colour mixing. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8-12 years): Study Gainsborough and Auerbach; Texture, colour, atmosphere. (FULLY BOOKED)


12 Feb

Watercolour Landscapes: Learn watercolour painting techniques to create a colourful landscape inspired by David Cox.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Painting sky, land and water; Painting with watercolour. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Session 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Tone and perspective; Using watercolour pencils. (FULLY BOOKED)


19 Feb

Painterly Monoprints: Inspired by Francis Bacon, combine expressive painting with printmaking.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Monoprint skills; Using colour and layering. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Using expressive colour; Foreground and background. (FULLY BOOKED)


26 Feb

‘Ship ahoy!’ Boat Building: See the tall ships in our Turner painting and make your own model boat.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Card model-making; Pattern and decoration. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Session 2 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Imagination and design skills; Card construction. (FULLY BOOKED)



5 Mar

Bacon Shapes: Bring Bacon’s painted figures to life by creating your own 3D figures using Plasticine and wax.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Working from a live model; Making Plasticine body shapes. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Studying a live model; Sculpting with moulding wax.  (FULLY BOOKED)


12 Mar

Portrait Drawings: Study portraits and learn how to measure and draw a face.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Learning about portraiture; Observing and drawing. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Learning facial proportions; Shading and cross-hatching. (FULLY BOOKED)


19 Mar

Draw like Bacon!: Draw the human figure using experimental techniques and collage.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Simple figure drawing; Experimental drawing/collage. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Figure and contour drawing; Learn about negative space.  (FULLY BOOKED)


26 Mar

Clay Landscapes: Turn one of our landscape paintings into a clay artwork.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Looking at landscapes; Sculpting clay. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Carving and modelling clay; Creating surface textures in clay.  (FULLY BOOKED)



2 Apr

Hannah Honeywill Sculptures: Use everyday and recycled objects to make sculptures inspired by Hannah’s installation.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): 3D card construction; Pattern and decoration. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Cardboard engineering; Imagination, design, construction.  (FULLY BOOKED)


9 Apr

Scale It Up: Study up-close drawings in our collection and learn how to enlarge images.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Detail and scale; Drawing with pastels. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Scale, measuring and drawing; Texture and tone with pastels.  (FULLY BOOKED)


23 Apr

Felt Frames: Look at the patterned frames in our galleries and make your own using card and felt.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Textile and craft skills; Pattern and decoration. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Design and construction; Textiles and simple sewing.  (FULLY BOOKED)


30 Apr

Shiny Rhinos: Create a super shiny wire and foil sculpture of Miss Clara, our favourite rhino.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Sculpting and moulding foil; Embossing patterns. (FULLY BOOKED)

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Making an armature; Embossed foil designs.  (FULLY BOOKED)





Sir William Orpen (1878-1931)

A Nude Girl Seated on a Bed


Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898)

The Battle of the Beaux and the Belles


André Derain (1880-1954)

La Chute de Phaëton (The Fall of Phaeton)


Percy Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957)

A Portrait of the Artist's Wife, 'Froanna'