barber institute of fine arts
university of birmingham

Creative Sunday Workshops

Session 1 for Age 4 – 8 years: 11am – 12.30pm 

Session 2 for Age 8 – 12 years: 1.30 – 3pm



2 September

Maritime Monoprints

Inspired by ‘Men of the Docks’ print a scene of adventure of the high seas

Session 1 skills: Imagination skills; Learn how to monoprint  FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Monoprinting using silk screens; Painting with gouache paint

9 September

Monochrome Fabric Drawings

Create an Italian Renaissance masterpiece on fabric with pens and washes

Session 1 skills: Use fabric paints and pens; Create washes onto fabric FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Use a monochrome palette; Learn cross-hatching and shading

16 September

Charcoal Portraits

Take a look at the faces in our summer exhibition and create your own charcoal portrait.

Session 1 skills: Studying faces; Charcoal drawing techniques FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Draw into charcoal ground with rubbers; Build layers of light and shadow

23 September

Hybrid Animal Casting

Imagine your own grotesque hybrid animal and cast it using plaster-of-paris

Session 1 skills: Observation and imagination skills; Explore texture and shapes in clay to cast FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Create a relief sculpture; Learn casting techniques

30 September

Harvest-time Felting

Make 3D vegetables in felt inspired by food in the Barber collection.

Session 1 skills: Working in 3D; Felt-making techniques FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Learn about the history of felt-making; 3D textile skills


7 October

Playful Printing

Use toys and moving objects to create a crazy printed patterned picture.

Session 1 skills: Printing and mark-making; Create patterns and shaoes

Session 2 skills: Develop repeat patterns; Experimental mark-making

14 October

Drawing Instruments

Make detailed drawings of musical instruments, inspired by Barber paintings.

Session 1 skills: Analyse and draw shapes; Shading techniques

Session 2 skills: Draw complex shapes; Draw reflections

21 October

Surrealist Games

Create artistic masterpieces by playing games just like the Surrealists did!

Session 1 skills: Experimental drawing styles; Try a range of drawing media

Session 2 skills: Collaborative working; Work with chance and experimental approaches

28 October

Halloween Skulls!

Make a paper silhouette window decoration for Halloween inspired by our spooky print by Antoon Derkzen.

Session 1 skills: Ripping, cutting and sticking; Working with light and dark

Session 2 skills: Working with translucent layers; Paper cutting skills


4 November

Illuminated Skies

Look a light and dark in the gallery and create your own illuminated scene.

Session 1 skills: Glass pens and paint techniques; Frame a scene

Session 2 skills: Colour-blending; Create light, dark and contrast

11 November

Collagraph Homes

Create a collagraph print inspired by Édouard Vuillard’s pictures.

Session 1 skills: Learn about texture; Select materials to create a design

Session 2 skills: Constuct a textured print block; Two-colour printing

18 November

Painting Skin Tones

Master the art of painting different skin tones to bring your pictures to life!

Session 1 skills: Colour mixing; Look at different skin tones

Session 2 skills: Use base colours and tonal values; Mix and paint different skin tones

25 November

Every Room is a Vuillard Picture

Create still-life drawings themed around different rooms in the home

Session 1 skills: Drawing details and pattern; Observational drawings

Session 2 skills: Layering and compostion; Positive and negative space


2 December

Padded Portraits

Make a textile cushion version of one of the Barber’s portraits

Session 1 skills: Use fabric crayons; Simple stitching techniques

Session 2 skills: Build up layers of colour; Edge with blanket stitch

9 December

Geometric Patterns

Create a striking repeat pattern inspired by the shapes found in Vuillard’s paintings

Session 1 skills:  Tessellating shapes; Design and print skills

Session 2 skills: Design, composition and tessellating; Overlay printing techniques

16 December

Jingle Bell Tower

Make a miniature Old Joe (the University’s famous clock tower), complete with its own bell chimes!

Session 1 skills: 3D card construction; Decorative techniques

Session 2 skills: Architectural model making; 3D design and construction


Gaspard Dughet (1615-1675)

Four landscapes

Learn more

Gaspard Dughet (1615-1675)

Four landscapes

Learn more

Gaspard Dughet (1615-1675)

Four landscapes

Learn more

Gaspard Dughet (1615-1675)

Four landscapes

Learn more