barber institute of fine arts
university of birmingham

Creative Sunday Workshops

Session 1 for Age 4 – 8 years: 11am – 12.30pm 

Session 2 for Age 8 – 12 years: 1.30 – 3pm




7 April

Big Money, Small Change

Focus on the tiniest objects in the Barber and draw them BIG!

Session 1 skills: Magnifying objects; drawing details FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Large-scale drawing; observational work FULLY BOOKED

14 April

Tess Jaray Textiles

Create bold, repeated patterns onto fabric, inspired by the Barber’s interior.

Session 1 skills: Drawing from your environment; using shape and colour FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Turn architecture into 2D art; colour, shape and composition FULLY BOOKED

28 April

Tessellating Tiles

Make patterned tiles using coloured clays inspired by the Barber’s building

Session 1 skills: Clay modeling; decoration FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Fine detail decorating; symmetrical tessellating patterns FULLY BOOKED



5 May

Textured Canvases

Paint like Frank Auerbach with impasto acrylics

Session 1 skills: Exploring textures in painting; using pallet knives for texture FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Impasto painting techniques; linking painting to emotions FULLY BOOKED

12 May

Printing in Perspective

Explore perspective through shape and colour, inspired by Kupka’s night-time scene.

Session 1 skills: Drawing repeated shapes; printing techniques FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Single-point perspective; figurative and abstract drawing

19 May

Picasso Portraits

Get inspired by Picasso, study a model and make a portrait.

Session 1 skills: Introductory life-drawing; drawing onto textiles FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Life-drawing techniques; paintbrush control FULLY BOOKED

26 May

Porcelain Puppies

Model your own version of our new greyhound sculpture.

Session 1 skills: Modeling shapes with porcelain; creating animal forms FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Make life-like models of animals; explore porcelain clay



2 June

Barber Birthday Cards!

Happy 150th birthday Lady Barber! Design and print a special birthday card.

Session 1 skills: Relief printing; collage and layering FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Card layout and design; the history of the Barber

9 June

Cardboard Armour

Build your own armour from upcycled materials, inspired by our coin show.

Session 1 skills: Cutting out and joining shapes; decorating surfaces FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Making wearable structures; experimenting with materials

16 June

Fruit Carving

Find a spooky picture of an apple with a face and carve your own fresh fruit sculptures.

Session 1 skills: Developing dexterity; using tools to make marks

Session 2 skills: Detailed carving; accurate drawing

23 June

It’s Not All White!

Discover the secrets of painting convincing white still-life objects.

Session 1 skills: Colour mixing; shadows and highlights

Session 2 skills: Tonal work; painting reflective light

30 June

Fancy Furniture

Create your own Beardsley-inspired pen drawings using flamboyant mark-making!

Session 1 skills: Creating patterns; pen drawing

Session 2 skills: Creating light and shade using pattern; observational drawing


7 July

Monoprint Miniatures

Print a portrait miniature and make your own with a pendant frame.

Session 1 skills: Drawing small portraits; transfer-printing techniques FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Detailed miniature drawing; frame decoration

14 July

Sensory Sketches

Close your eyes, touch objects and draw what you feel.

Session 1 skills: Drawing with oil pastels; textures

Session 2 skills: Texture and shape; 2D drawing from 3D objects

21 July

Summer Skies

Experiment with paint to create beautiful skies and clouds.

Session 1 skills: Using different painting tools; colour-mixing with acrylics

Session 2 skills: Impasto techniques; layering and blending acrylics

28 July

Cabinet of Curiosities

What will you put inside your miniature matchbox cabinets?

Session 1 skills: Observational drawing; building a collection

Session 2 skills: Curating miniature displays



Figure Drawing: Folded Fabrics

Draw from a clothed life model draped in fabric, inspired by classical art.

Session 1 skills: Observational drawing; painting and drawing fabrics

Session 2 skills: Life-drawing techniques; disruption of repeat pattern

11 August

Curiosity Casting

Cast shells, crystals, and animal tracks in clay and plaster.

Session 1 skills: Working in negative; basic plaster-casting

Session 2 skills: Detailed relief modeling; interpreting 2D drawing into 3D forms

18 August

Sketch and Stitch

Draw plants from our paintings and turn them into a textile design.

Session 1 skills: Layering fabric shapes; combining drawing and sewing

Session 2 skills: Composition and layout; sewing and embellishment

25 August

Water Birds

Focus on feathers, plumes and graduating colours in a watercolour painting.

Session 1 skills: Watercolour blending; drawing birds accurately

Session 2 skills: Graduating colour; detailed proportions of birds

Pierre Woeiriot (1532 – 1599)

The Wife of Hasdrubal

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Jacopo Raibolini, called Francia (before 1486 – 1557)

The Holy Family


Robert Nanteuil (c. 1623 – 1678)

John Evelyn

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Théodore Chassériau (1819 – 1856)

Apollo and Daphne

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