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Creative Sunday Workshops

Session 1 for Age 4 – 8 years: 11am – 12.30pm 

Session 2 for Age 8 – 12 years: 1.30 – 3pm



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6 January

Modroc Animals

Sculpt your own creature inspired by our Looking at Animals display!

Session 1 skills: Drawing from artworks; Developing ideas into 3D work

Session 2 skills: Observational drawing skills; Introduction to plaster through Modroc

13 January

Hilarious Hair-dos & Pompous Periwigs

Inspired by The Sharp Family portrait, make and wear a fantasy hair-do!

Session 1 skills: Layering shapes; Working from imagination

Session 2 skills: Collage and paper-cutting; 3D construction

20 January

3D Moths & Butterflies

Create wire butterfly and moth sculptures inspired by a print from 1646!

Session 1 skills: Simple 3D construction; Embellishing with tissue paper

Session 2 skills: Manipulating wire, armature construction

27 January

Watch the Birdie!

Ever wondered howto draw birds? Join us to find out!

Session 1 skills: Step-by-step drawing; Drawing feather textures

Session 2 skills: Drawing bird anatomy; Proportion, shape and texture


3 February

Busy Family Portraits

Draw and collage your favourite portraits to make a crowded portrait scene.

Session 1 skills: Drawing figures; Overlapping images

Session 2 skills: Shading for perspective and form; Composition skills

10 February

Felt your Favourite Animal!

Inspired by our Looking at Animals display, make your own felt animals.

Session 1 skills: Looking at animal shapes; Basic felt making

Session 2 skills: Developed felt making; Creating animal features

17 February

Miniature Icons

Create your own mini masterpiece using traditional Renaissance techniques

*Not suitable for children with egg allergies*

Session 1 skills: Make your own paint; Using gold leaf

Session 2 skills: Egg tempera making; Gilding

24 February

Fabric Mosaics

Inspired by Byzantine art, create your own fabric mosaics.

Session 1 skills: Use of colour; Use shapes to build an image

Session 2 skills: Complimentary and contrasting colours; Learn about ancient cultures


3 March

Tape Drawings

Inspired by Tess Jaray’s paintings, cover the floor in a large-scale tape drawing!

Session 1 skills: Drawing with coloured tape; Teamwork

Session 2 skills: Exploring line and colour in a 3D space; Making large-scale patterns

10 March

Collaborative Collage

Work together to create a large collage, inspired by Tess Jarray’s work.

Session 1 skills: Explore shape, colour and form; Tracing shapes

Session 2 skills: Looking at negative space; Using a view finder

17 March

Barber Stories – Heroes and Villains

Illustrate your own short story, featuring the Barber’s very own characters.

Session 1 skills: Drawing and collage; Developing an illustrated story

Session 2 skills: Layout and composition; Text and illustration

31 March

Spring-time Collographs

Find plants and flowers in the gallery to inspire spring-themed cards.

Session 1 skills: Printing with leaves and flowers; Exploring textures

Session 2 skills: Exploring composition; Combining textures


7 April

Big Money, Small Change

Focus on the tiniest objects in the Barber and draw them BIG!

Session 1 skills: Magnifying objects; Drawing details

Session 2 skills: Large-scale drawing; Observational work

14 April

Tess Jaray Textiles

Create bold, repeated patterns onto fabric, inspired by the Barber’s interior.

Session 1 skills: Drawing from your environment; Using shape and colour

Session 2 skills: Turn architecture into 2D art; Colour, shape and composition

28 April

Tesselating Tiles

Make patterned tiles using coloured clays inspired by the Barber’s building.

Session 1 skills: Clay modeling; Decoration

Session 2 skills: Fine detail decorating; Symmetrical tessellating patterns


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