barber institute of fine arts
university of birmingham

Creative Sunday Workshops

Session 1 for Age 4 – 8 years: 11am – 12.30pm 

Session 2 for Age 8 – 12 years: 1.30 – 3pm





1 September

Sun & Moon Medallions

Make a medallion inspired by the stars and ancient coins.

Session 1 skills: Clay modelling; looking at coins

Session 2 skills: 3D construction; history of coins

8 September

Sculpting the Future

Visit artists’ sculptures and build yours from recycled materials .

Session 1 skills: Working in 3D; exploring sculpture materials

Session 2 skills: Designing for public spaces; contemporary sculptors

15 September

Ancient Investigations

Find archaeological artefacts on campus and record your discoveries.

Session 1 skills: Simple sketchbook making; making notes

Session 2 skills: Discovering ancient objects; annotating drawings

22 September

Exploring Ancient Egypt

Look at real Egyptian objects and make art on papyrus.

Session 1 skills: Pen drawing; Egyptian artefacts

Session 2 skills: Egyptian history; detailed pen drawing

29 September

Mask Decorating

Explore African dance masks and decorate your own to take home.

Session 1 skills: Looking at African masks; experimenting with craft materials

Session 2 skills: Designing and making; African history



6 October

Enormous Brushes

Paint with huge brushes, sticks and rollers like Frank Auerbach.

Session 1 skills: Bold abstract painting; colour mixing

Session 2 skills: Mark-making; collaborating on large-scale art

13 October

Landscapes & Nature

Create landscapes using collage and leaf rubbings.

Session 1 skills: Layering textures; making rubbings

Session 2 skills: Building a textured surface; describing textures

20 October

Sound and Vision

What does sound look like? Draw while you listen to live music.

Session 1 skills: Drawing to music; creating abstract art

Session 2 skills: Responding visually to music; exploring abstract art

27 October

Move & Draw

Inspired by our Siva sculpture, follow a sequence of moves and create a large drawing.

Session 1 skills: Drawing with charcoal and oil pastels; Abstract drawing

Session 2 skills: Experimenting with materials; collaborating



3 November

Hats and Headdresses

There’s fantastic fashion in De Beer’s paintings! Make a 3D headpiece.

Session 1 skills: Working with paper shapes; embellishment

Session 2 skills: Creating wearable designs; constructing from paper

10 November

Still Life by Torchlight

A still life with a twist: light up objects and paint light and dark.

Session 1 skills:  Using acrylic paint; colour mixing

Session 2 skills: Painting from observation; Chiaroscuro

17 November

Mughal Brooches

Hear about the Indian subcontinent and make badges inspired by the art.

Session 1 skills: Simple stitching; drawing onto fabric

Session 2 skills: The Mughal style; using texture techniques

24 November 

On the Money

Make foil portraits of the ancient leaders in our coin show.

Session 1 skills: Portrait drawing; embossed decoration

Session 2 skills:  Mark making; coin portraiture



1 December

Geometric Decorations

Inspired by the Barber building, create geometric festive decorations.

Session 1 skills: Printing; paper craft

Session 2 skills: Pattern design; detailed print making

8 December

Mughal Masterpieces

Create intricate painting like the art in 18th century India.

Session 1 skills: Drawing from artworks; painting people and patterns

Session 2 skills: Painting fine detail; thinking about colour

15 December

Winter Windows

Make a winter-wonderland window display using paper cut-outs

Session 1 skills: Drawing and tearing shapes; creating a landscape

Session 2 skills: Paper cutting; layout and composition




Autumn 2019

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David the younger Teniers (1610-1690)

The Bleaching Ground


ascribed to Jan de Beer (about 1475 – before 1528)

Joseph and the Suitors (recto), The Nativity (verso)


Act Your Age (Not Your Shoe Size)

Family Day

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