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Creative Sunday Workshops

Session 1 for Age 4 – 8 years: 11am – 12.30pm 

Session 2 for Age 8 – 12 years: 1.30 – 3pm



9 April

SCALE IT UP: Study up-close drawings in our collection and learn how to enlarge images.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Detail and scale; Drawing with pastels. – FULLY BOOKED

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Scale, measuring and drawing; Texture and tone with pastels.  – FULLY BOOKED


23 April

FELT FRAMES: Look at the patterned frames in our galleries and make your own using card and felt.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Textile and craft skills; Pattern and decoration. – FULLY BOOKED

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Design and construction; Textiles and simple sewing.  – FULLY BOOKED


30 April

SHINY RHINOS: Create a super shiny wire and foil sculpture of Miss Clara, our favourite rhino.

-Session 1 Skills (Ages 4 – 8 years): Sculpting and moulding foil; Embossing patterns. – FULLY BOOKED

-Sessions 2 Skills (Ages 8 – 12 years): Making an armature; Embossed foil designs.  – FULLY  BOOKED



7 May

EXPRESSIVE SELF PORTRAITS: Look in the mirror – then draw your face in expressive charcoal.

Session 1 skills: Using charcoal; Drawing from life.

Sessions 2 skills: Observational drawing; Learn blending techniques.


14 May

TREASURE MAPS: Explore our coin collection, then make a treasure map using symbols.

Session 1 skills: Drawing and watercolour; Creating with imagination

Sessions 2 skills: Design and imagination; Logical thinking


21 May

STITCHED PICTURES: Create a patterned textile wall hanging inspired by the Barber and its art treasures.

Session 1 skills: Design and decoration; Simple textile skills

Session 2 skills: Stitching/textile skills; Pattern and colour.


28 May

SCREEN PRINTED PATTERNS: Print beautiful patterns inspired by outfits worn in Barber paintings.

Session 1 skills: Making a paper stencil; Single-colour screen printing.

Sessions 2 skills: Drawing from paintings; Two-colour screen printing.



4 June

TUMBLEWEED DRAWINGS: Explore contemporary artist Hannah Honeywill’s sculpture and create abstract drawings.

Session 1 skills: Exploring shapes and line; Drawing in colour.

Session 2 skills: Drawing detail; Colour blending.


11 June



18 June

WOBBLY HEADS: Create 3D clay caricatures with heads that wobble.

Session 1 skills: Moulding clay and using tools; Drawing caricatures and expressions. – FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: 3D thinking with clay; Expressions and caricatures.


25 June

RENAISSANCE MOSAICS: Make a mosaic, inspired by the colourful paintings in our green gallery.

Session 1 skills: Colour and shape; Working with tiles.

Session 2 skills: Renaissance art; Colour and design.



2 July

VICTORIAN PHOTO BOOTH: Create a fantasy backdrop, then dress up and strike a pose for a studio portrait!

Session 1 skills: Exploring poses and costume; Creating large-scale art work.

Session 2 skills: Collage and drawing; Learning about set design.


9 July

PAINTING EN PLEIN AIR: Paint in the open air like Monet at Winterbourne Gardens.

Session 1 skills: Mark-making with paint; Looking at nature.

Session 2 skills: Landscape painting; Impressionist techniques.


16 July

HATS AND FASCINATORS: Create a Napoleonic hat or fab fascinator inspired by ‘Carte de Visites’.

Session 1 skills: Cutting card; Decorative techniques.

Session 2 skills: Card construction; Designing and decorating.


 23 July

MONET FELT-MAKING: Use Monet’s ‘Water Lily Pond’ as inspiration to make your own felt artwork.

Session 1 skills: Felt making and textile skills; Combining colours.

Sessions 2 skills: Felt making and patterns; Selecting and layering colours.


30 July

SIVA SCULPTURES: Make sculptures inspired by our bronze figure of the Hindu deity Siva.

Session 1 skills: Plasticine figure modelling; Drawing patterns

Sessions 2 skills: 3D construction; Paper craft



6 August

CARICATURE COLLAGE: Use mixed-media techniques to create your own crazy character.

Session 1 skills: Cutting, sticking and arranging; Drawing from imagination.

Sessions 2 skills: Ink drawing and collage; Learn about caricatures.


13 August

WET & WILD WATER LILIES!: Inspired by Monet, draw and paint flowers through water to change their appearance.

Session 1 skills: Using watercolour paints; Colour mixing.

Sessions 2 skills: Colour theory; Drawing through water.


20 August

OIL PASTELS, MONET-STYLE!: Create a colourful, layered drawing of a pond landscape.

Session 1 skills: Oil pastel techniques; Exploring colour, tone and texture.

Sessions 2 skills: Applying and blending colours; Exploring patterns and detail.


27 August

PORTRAIT CASTING: Learn to cast plaster in a mould, inspired by our white marble relief carving.

Session 1 skills: Looking at sculpture; Casting in plaster.

Sessions 2 skills: Understanding relief sculpting; Casting techniques.



3 September

EMBOSSED CLAY TILES: Create and emboss a clay tile inspired by decorative furniture, frames and objects.

Session 1 skills: Mark-making in clay; Pattern and texture. – FULLY BOOKED

Sessions 2 skills: Clay embossing skills; Composition and layout.


10 September

3D PHOTOMONTAGE: Create your own amazing 3D photomontage scene, with a difference!

Session 1 skills: 3D skills; Experimenting with imagery.

Sessions 2 skills: 3D assembly skills; Mixing drawing and photography.


17 September

CARDBOARD CITY: Learn 3D card model-making to design your own house, gallery or other building!

Session 1 skills: Imagination and design; Creating an art display. – FULLY BOOKED

Sessions 2 skills: Drawing, design and measuring; Collaborative art and display.


24 September

FIRE IN THE SKIES: Look at our volcano painting and create a fiery mixed-media landscape.

Session 1 skills: Layering papers and textures; Combining colours and effects.

Sessions 2 skills: Mixing colours and creating tone; Learning landscape techniques.


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