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Creative Sunday Workshops

Session 1 for Age 4 – 8 years: 11am – 12.30pm 

Session 2 for Age 8 – 12 years: 1.30 – 3pm



3 September

EMBOSSED CLAY TILES: Create and emboss a clay tile inspired by decorative furniture, frames and objects!

Session 1 skills: Mark-making in clay; Pattern and texture – FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Clay embossing skills; Composition and layout – FULLY BOOKED


10 September

3D PHOTOMONTAGE: Create your own amazing 3D photomontage scene, with a difference!

Session 1 skills: 3D skills; Experimenting with imagery – FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: 3D assembly skills; Mixing drawing and photography – FULLY BOOKED


17 September

CARDBOARD CITY: Learn 3D card model-making to design your own house, gallery or other building!

Session 1 skills: Imagination and design; Creating an art display – FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Drawing, design and measuring; Collaborative art and display – FULLY BOOKED


24 September

FIRE IN THE SKIES: Look at our volcano painting and create a fiery mixed-media landscape!

Session 1 skills: Layering papers and textures; Combining colours and effects – FULLY BOOKED

Session 2 skills: Mixing colours and creating tone; Learning landscape techniques – FULLY BOOKED




1 October

FUNNY FLIP BOOKS: Create your own animated drawing!

Session 1 skills: Making a flip book; Storytelling through drawing Click here to book

Session 2 skills: 2D animation techniques; Drawing actions & expressions; Creating a narrative  Click here to book


8 October

ACETATE PORTRAITS: Make see-through faces using pens and acetate!

Session 1 skills: Develop accuracy in drawing; Identify a face’s lines and shapes  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Learn proportions of the face; Develop pen drawing techniques  Click here to book


15 October 

DIWALI JAM JAR LANTERNS: Look at light in paintings and design a jam jar lantern!

Session 1 skills: Light and shadow in paintings; Creating tissue-paper shapes and patterns  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Designing for a 3D surface; Using collage and glass pens; Illustrating light and dark  Click here to book


22 October

LIVELY LINE PORTRAITS: Experiment with expressive line-drawing and printing to produce a portrait print!

Session 1 skills: Drawing faces; Printing lines and mark-making  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Mixed-media drawing; Expressive mark-making  Click here to book


29 October

SCARY NEON MONSTERS: Print scary, scaly monsters with a poly block and neon paint!

Session 1 skills: Poly block printing; Cutting shapes and collage  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Imagination and design skills; Combine painting, printing and collage  Click here to book




5 November

MIGHTY LION HEADS: Model a fierce clay lion face inspired by our Italian fountainhead!

Session 1 skills: Modelling with clay; Using clay tools  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Modelling and carving; Creating textures and details  Click here to book


12 November

SCHWITTERS COLLOGRAPH: Make a collage to print from, inspired by Dada art!

Session 1 skills: Creating shapes and textures; Collograph printmaking  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Learn about Dada and collage techniques; Composition and design  Click here to book


19 November

STEEN COMICS: Create your own storyboard comic inspired by our Jan Steen exhibition!

Session 1 skills: Exploring narrative in paintings; Using symbols and graphics  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Drawing scenes and close-ups; Composition and storyboarding  Click here to book


26 November

MODROC LUMBERJACKS: Make a stretched 3D figure inspired by Ferdinand Hodler’s Woodcutter painting!

Session 1 skills: Modroc modelling; Working from a live model  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Detailed modroc modelling techniques; Studying a live model  Click here to book




3 December 

FAIRYTALE SNOWSCAPES: Draw and paint a festive fairytale snow-scene using watercolour paints!

Session 1 skills: Creating with imagination; Using watercolours and pencils  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Painting with subtle tones; Using masking fluid to build layers  Click here to book


10 December

GEOMETRIC WRAP: Seek out patterns in the Barber then design and print geometric gift-wrap!

Session 1 skills: Drawing pattern and shapes; Carving a print block; Creating a pattern repeat  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Drawing geometric shapes; Design and composition; Layering and repeating pattern  Click here to book


17 December

FESTIVE CLAY DECORATIONS: Create a festive decoration using clay inspired by our angelic artworks!

Session 1 skills: Roll out and cut clay shapes; Create pattern and texture  Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Develop skills with clay construction; Use coloured slip decoration techniques  Click here to book


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