barber institute of fine arts
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Creative Sunday Workshops

Session 1 for Age 4 – 8 years: 11am – 12.30pm 

Session 2 for Age 8 – 12 years: 1.30 – 3pm



7 January

Drawing Hands

Learn how to draw hands while experimenting with different media.

Session 1 skills: Use soft pencils and charcoal; Draw around your hands in different positions. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Learn about the structure of the hand; Create texture, line and tone. – Click here to book


14 January

Dramatic Drapery

Paint clothes and cloth inspired by Jan Steen’s work.

Session 1 skills: Colour mixing; Use acrylic paints. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Observational drawing in the gallery; Paint with brushes and pallet knives. – Click here to book


21 January

Staging Steen

Draw actors in the gallery and on  stage as they strike dramatic poses!

Session 1 skills: Work from live models; Gestural drawing. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Draw moving figures; Learn about proportions. – Click here to book


28 January

Dragon Bowls

Celebrate Chinese New Year – make your own version of our precious jade bowl. 

Session 1 skills: Clay construction and decoration; Use clay tools. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Advanced clay construction, Decorative techniques. – Click here to book



4 February

Gabo Constructions

Create a Constructivist sculpture based on Naum Gabo’s work.

Session 1 skills: Construct with 3D shapes; Use string, cardboard and acetate. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Learn about negative space; Use balance in construction. – Click here to book


11 February

Pop-Up Italian Scenes

Use the architecture in our paintings and create your own decorative Italian diorama.

Session 1 skills: Learn about foreground and background; Fold and cut paper. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Learn simple perspective; Draw architectural detail. – Click here to book


18 February

Monoprint Street Scene

Create a busy street scene, inspired by George Grosz.

Session 1 skills: Trace and draw free hand; Cut out shapes. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Composition and layering; Learn about line weight. – Click here to book


25 February

Modelling Hands

Look at hands in artworks then make Modroc sculptures.

Session 1 skills: Explore hand gestures; Model 3D forms. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Hand gestures and their meaning; Detailed 3D modelling. – Click here to book



4 March

Gabo Wool Weaving

Learn to weave, inspired by Naum Gabo.

Session 1 skills: Simple weaving techniques; Making a hanging artwork. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Advanced weaving techniques; Weave curves using card looms. – Click here to book


11 March

Moving Miro

Make a rotating kinetic collage, based on Joan Miro’s print!

Session 1 skills: Working with shapes and colours; Rotate parts using split pins. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Manipulate shapes; explore scale. Click here to book


18 March

Still Life

Create a vibrant still life painting of colourful fruit.

Session 1 skills: Create bold brush strokes; Learn to mix colours. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Learn about colour theory; Create light and shadow. – Click here to book


25 March




1 April



8 April

Textile Portraits

Take a look at Rossetti’s model and create your own portrait.

Session 1 skills: Draw with fabric pens; Layer different fabrics. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Basic sewing and quilting; Design decorative motifs. – Click here to book


15 April

Colour my Matisse

Explore Matisse’s bold landscapes and print multi-coloured images.

Session 1 skills: Create a poly-block print; Use vibrant inks and papers. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Experiment with relief printing; Use simple perspective. – Click here to book


22 April

Manet Portraits

Draw using cross-hatching, influenced by Edouard Manet.

Session 1 skills: Create a simple self-portrait; Learn to create light and shadow.   Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Learn about facial proportions;  Cross-hatching to create tone. – Click here to book


29 April

Inky Stick Pictures

Learn to draw loose flowing drawings with a difference!

Session 1 skills: Use sticks and inks to draw; Create different lines. – Click here to book

Session 2 skills: Use black and coloured inks; Large-scale drawings. – Click here to book

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