barber institute of fine arts
university of birmingham


The Arts Society (Birmingham Evening) meets at the Barber monthly for a late gallery viewing, refreshments, and lectures on a diverse range of subjects.


Wagons West: Images of the American Frontier

Thursday 27 April

Discover the New World’s western frontier with Prof Ian Beckett who explores its early visions, the explorations and pioneering (from Lewis and Clark to the ‘49’ers), its staggering natural splendours and the ‘Wild West’.



‘A voluptuary under the horrors of digestion?’ Prinny and the Excesses of Period Regency Style

Thursday 18 May

Stephen Richardson begins with a visit to Carlton House, London home of the extravagant Prince of Wales, and then explores the many facets of Regency architecture, interior decoration, furnishing and style. 



From the East Indies to Indonesia: Legacies of Colonialism and Fine Art, 1830 to Today

Thursday 15 June 

Viv Lawes’ lecture traces the oeuvre from the imitative practice of 19th-Century Raden Saleh finishing with the internationalism that defines contemporary art.


Doors open at 6pm for gallery viewing and refreshments. Lectures commence at 7pm.