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Barber Concerts at 75

To celebrate the 75th year of Barber Concerts we are bringing you a selection of memories, archival material, photographs, and performances to celebrate this special milestone with our audiences. We hope you enjoy exploring this content and can’t wait to welcome you back to the Barber Concert Hall for our concerts as soon as we can. But for now, enjoy!


Celebrating 75 years introduction by Peyton and Barber Professor of Music Andrew Kirkman

A welcome introduction by Professor Andrew Kirkman to this month’s Barber Concerts 75th celebrations.

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Barber Concerts Timeline

A timeline highlighting key milestones over the past 75 years of Barber Concerts, including a timeline of the Peyton and Barber Professor of Music.

Barber Concerts Timeline

Peyton and Barber Professor of Music Timeline


Barber Concerts Programmes from 1945/46

Take a look at our concerts programmes from our first concert season in 1945-46. Our first ever concert included works by Bliss, Sibelius and Ravel… 


The Barber Concert Series at 75: some thoughts (and reminiscences…) Podcast

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This podcast makes reference to a variety of musicians and musical works from Barber Concerts over the years. You can take a listen to a selection of works here:

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Selection of Barber Concerts Posters

Ranging over a decade, here is one poster from each year between 2001/2 – 2010/11, with concerts of performances by London Winds to Floriegelium to Sir Thomas Allen and Geraldine McGreevy with Joseph Middleton – enjoy!


Barber Concerts 75th Celebration Concert with Carolyn Sampson and Joseph Middleton

Premiered on Friday 20 November at 1pm

Link to Concert

Join us for a special performance by two University of Birmingham alumni for a special Barber Concerts 75th celebration. Here we will be joined by Carolyn Sampson (BMus Music, 1995) and Joseph Middleton (BMus Music, 2002; MPhil Music, 2005), of works by Purcell, Schumann, Bridge and more.


Celebrations, reflections and memories of 75 years of Barber Concerts Booklet

In October 2020 we had an open call for memories, to celebrate how and why the Barber Concert Hall is special to you. This project has resulted in a small booklet which can be found here!


Please continue to share your thoughts and memories of Barber Concerts using the hashtag #barberconcerts75

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