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Bagatelles after Beethoven: Presteigne Festival Tour

Friday 13 October, 1.10pm

Bagatelles after Beethoven: Presteigne Festival Tour

Tim Horton piano

Pianist Tim Horton joins us as part of the 2017 Presteigne Festival Tour with a programme of works by Beethoven and a set of newly commissioned Bagatelles, written to celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Presteigne Festival.

Piano Sonata in A, Op. 2, No 2

Martin Butler, Michael Zev Gordon, Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Gabriel Jackson, David Knotts and Jack Sheen
Bagatelles after Beethoven

As part of the thirty-fifth anniversary celebrations for the Presteigne Festival this year, it was decided to take Beethoven’s masterly set of late piano Bagatelles, Op 126, as a starting point and commission six composers each to write companion pieces based on aspects of Beethoven’s original works. The result is a wonderfully eclectic mini-cycle of piano miniatures.

Martin Butler Late
Jack Sheen Bagatelle (for Trisha Brown)
Gabriel Jackson Andante cantabile e grazioso
Michael Zev Gordon Bagatelle after Beethoven
Cheryl Frances-Hoad Blurry Bagatelle
David Knotts Bagatelle: Wienerwalk, Wildewald

Six Bagatelles, Op. 126

Stephen Hough

Wednesday 25 April 7.30pm

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